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  • Posted to What is your podcast player?, Jan 21, 2017

    Castro. I miss the features of Overcast, but Castro is the only podcast app that handles podcasts the way I like. It's inbox feature makes is super easy to follow lots of podcasts and prioritize the ones I want to listen too!

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  • Posted to The Apple Goes Mushy Part I: OS X's Interface Decline (Introduction), Jul 25, 2016

    Hi Nicholas. I really wanted to write a post that said "lol" but then I saw that you were actually interested in hearing other opinions and having a conversation about it––and I would have just been rude and mean. While, I disagree with your arguments, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the civil conversation! Nice job internet.

    In my opinion, I don't think Apple has succeeded with every design choice, but the move away from metaphors is still a step in the right direction. For example, the current photos app icon is a bit silly to me, but the old one with a point and shoot camera and a physical photo is outdated and even more ridiculous. Moreover, can you imagine save button that still used a floppy disk?

    I do like the part where you discuss the removal of color from the Finder's sidebar. I find it significantly more difficult to use without the color, and I would love for Apple's designer to bring the color back. That said, I think Apple would be ecstatic if they could just get rid of Finder altogether and give us an alternative file system––or lack of tradition file system if you will. So perhaps they don't really care about the color here that much.

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