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  • Posted to Ask DN: Will Figma Ever Become a CMS?, Apr 27, 2018

    Figma so far is more of a universal design tool, so moving to CMS would mean that they leave other uses (mobile and graphic design, at least) a bit ouside of scope and that might backfire.

    But there's already an editing tool with CMS integrated — take a look at WebFlow,, they started with a cool web design tool and turned it into a growing publishing platform, complete with layout design, content management, hosting and now ecommerce built upon that foundation.

    Since they're focused on the web experience — both mobile and desktop, going the CMS way looks totally reasonable for them and their customers.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: A Typeface social network?, Apr 26, 2015

    There is a Fontli: — “Fontli is a social network for typoholics. Capture typography around you and share it. Let the typetalk develop on Fontli.” It is not only about digital stuff (so no ”fork on typekit” option, sorry), but it is interesting and entertaining nonetheless.

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