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  • Posted to New Nissan Logo joins the flat design party, Mar 29, 2020

    Car industry is dying so they need to make new products - outside cars - to survive.... the need is to have a boring flat logo that could be printed everywhere

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  • Posted to Dribbble redesign has launched, Mar 16, 2020

    New Pinterest?

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  • Posted to Best interviewing experience?, in reply to Jonathan Shariat , Feb 04, 2020

    This is the best approach to me, a collaborative whiteboarding/design challenge.

    I found the take home exercises less effective: - it's quite hard to understand the task and provide the exactly outcome that they want (and please don't spend more that 4 hours.... )

    • they are async, if I have a lot of question it takes time to get the answers

    • unbalanced about time. I spent the famous 4 hours to make it but you review it in 5 minutes

    • you get few and low quality feedbacks at the end since you've worked alone ( we expected more craft on this than that.. )

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  • Posted to Sketch: Introducing Cloud Inspector — free developer handoff in the browser, Jan 29, 2020

    :wave: Zeplin?

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  • Posted to The day has finally come. Framer Classic should no longer be used for client work., Jan 28, 2020

    Still using classic, I need a tool to quick animate and test my ideas. I don’t need to build from my design system components! Also who knows, maybe in 3 years nobody will still using react because of the new whatever js new framework...

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  • Posted to What to purchase on Black Friday? , Nov 26, 2019


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  • Posted to Font size naming convention, Nov 19, 2019

    I think Heading 1Heading 2 ..Heading 6 don't scale.

    Will be better to have at least numbers with 2-3 digits like Heading 100 so if at some point you need something in between Heading 100 and Heading 200 you can do Heading 150

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  • Posted to How to learn Framer X?, in reply to John P , Oct 26, 2019

    I like Framer but I'm still using the classic version because i don't want to lear React. I'm ok using js for Classic but not too much the last trendy framework.

    Some of the last design apps are forcing designers to move closer (too much) to engineers, have you tried Abstract? I like it but it's imposing front-end mindset with git to designers and this don't work all the time.

    Should designers learn React? Angular? how to code? Should designers have breakfast? Should they use their spare time on doing re-designs for non-profits or Spotify?

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  • Posted to Redesign Concept - Rangers Football Club, in reply to Steven B , Oct 15, 2019

    I think the best way to learn things is to do things, designing for fun is definitely one way that often i used to do to improve my skills.

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