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  • Posted to TheNews App, Now for, Jun 13, 2014

    Really nice, love having both sites in one place! Panda has filled this need nicely on desktop, so it's great to have it on iPhone too.

    A couple of bug reports (4S running 7.1.1.):

    • DN Log in: After submit i'm not redirected, and don't get a confirmation. Button turns blue and that's it, I have to tap back then Skip > to get to content. I only knew I was logged in because I checked Settings.
    • Settings: App closed to home screen after 5 secs.
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  • Posted to Gif made easy!, Jun 11, 2014

    Niiice! Great way to grab a quickie from Quartz and pop it in a mail. I've been using screenflow + aftereffects + photoshop, which gets a bit time consuming.

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