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  • Posted to AskDN: What makes or breaks a design team?, Sep 15, 2017

    good communication.

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  • Posted to Redesigned my portfolio as a SPA thanks to Nuxt.js , Sep 14, 2017

    awesome, I really like it, the background was fun too!

    One thing: The heading where you introduce yourself with all the emojis: totally seems like you ripped this off another portfolio that was bouncing around DN and had a lot of praise. Unfortunately I can't remember who it was, but she was an icon designer which made it more appropriate.

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  • Posted to What is the best laptop/pc to get for a new designer?, Sep 14, 2017

    What type of design work will you be doing? I'm going to guess you are a graphic designer, since you said you wanted to run photoshop and illustrator. I would invest in a Macbook pro if you're an aspiring designer. There are a lot of great design programs only available on a Mac, and Macbooks hold up for a long time so it is often worth the investment.

    I recently bought the newest 12 inch macbook pro with 8gb ram, i5 processor and 128 ssd storage. It cost me about $1000 (I bought refurbished!) and it works excellent. My work macbook is much stronger (i7 with 16gb ram) but I can still work on my giant files and it won't slow down. It does overheat when I have more than 2-3 programs running simultaneously though.

    Even the macbook air is a good choice, because they have i5 with 8gb ram, and its cheaper. Buying a used macbook from a reputable electronics store is also not a bad idea if you want to save money.

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  • Posted to The Day I proved Myself Wrong, Sep 05, 2017

    You said you wanted to "prove that 'Trade Seller' was confusing to the users". It seems like you were trying to validate an opinion, not actually get feedback from the user... but at least you got a humbling experience from it anyway.

    User testing isn't supposed to be about proving something right or wrong, it is often used to observe a behaviour and designing for it. Maybe your next step as a UX designer is to be more empathetic with your users, that way you will not assume too much from them and be even more surprised with your tests :)

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  • Posted to What's Good Design?, in reply to Sandor Gyuris , Sep 05, 2017

    Yes, I agree, the points are all too vague. What does 'environmentally friendly design' or 'innovative design' mean in this article? As a mobile UX designer, being "innovative" in design sounds like challenging familiar behaviours which is a big no-no.

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  • Posted to What's with the giant bold fonts everywhere nowadays?, Sep 04, 2017

    I think this trend has always been around, like the old newspapers that print giant titles in big, black and bold letters. It's meant to draw attention to what is most important. I noticed that a lot of these redesigned websites also focus on updating the copywriting, so they are putting emphasis on a message that is best delivered in a striking way. It is nice to see copy that is no longer "marketing jargon" but more straight to the point!

    Also, we can't forget that a lot of designers tend to copy trends, especially if a well-known company puts it in their GUI...such as Apple. They are all about big, bold titles.

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  • Posted to What are some good resources for learning JavaScript?, Sep 04, 2017

    I have nearly every resource on learning Javascript (I paid for all the courses, bought all the recommended books etc., etc.,) and the one that stuck with me the most is the book "A smarter way to learn Javascript" by Mark Meyers. I e-mailed him about his book HTML/CSS book a while ago, and he responded and was very helpful as well.

    I also have the book "Javascsript and JQuery" by John Duckett and its really easy to follow as well. Though, I do believe these are both beginner resources.

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  • Posted to Why do people put payment method icons on their website?, Sep 04, 2017

    Yeah, this definitely applies to international markets. At my company (I work in Germany) we did not implement a credit card payment option until recently because most of our users preferred German, Dutch or French native payment options. It was also much more expensive to handle credit cards and there wasn't a big demand for it. Unlike Americans, who use credit cards for everything, a lot of people here like to use their IBAN.

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  • Posted to "Pickle Rick"transformation using CSS, in reply to Michael Loscalzo , Sep 04, 2017

    Thank you :)

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  • Posted to "Pickle Rick"transformation using CSS, Aug 30, 2017

    This is really cool, can you recommend some resources to learn how to do this?

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