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  • Posted to launches iOS app, Dec 18, 2017

    Nice. I like their interface and the argument that this kind of a tool should just get out of your way and let the content shine. I'm still trying to work them into my moodboard flow though.

    Also, I've seen so many of these services exist for a few months and then get swallowed up by Pinterest or fold because they didn't successfully monetize. Here's hoping this is different?

    Also, I'd almost rather they had done an ipad app before an iphone app, but beggars can't be choosers.

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  • Posted to Transmit by Panic, Jul 18, 2017

    Love that the truck is actually a 3D model that you slowly begin to rotate after a few seconds.

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  • Posted to Crystal add USB Support (Android Sketch Mirror), Aug 25, 2016

    PRAISE. I'm one of those oddballs that uses Sketch but is building apps for the billions of users in developing markets, not just for those $800 slabs of Rose Gold.

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  • Posted to Building A Graphics Card For The Internet: A tour of the newest imgix datacenter, in reply to Andy Lee , Aug 06, 2014


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  • Posted to Calling for Great UX Portfolios, in reply to Jordi Tambillo , Jun 26, 2014

    Is your blog running on top of any sort of CMS?

    I really love the style of it and have been looking for something similar for myself!

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  • Posted to Google Design, in reply to Jean-Marc Denis , Jun 26, 2014

    I still love this direction. And it's great to see it rolling out across all platforms.

    I interned at an agency last summer doing work for Google. We worked with a Google team on a code-named design direction that looked very similar to Material Design.

    I'm glad to see how it evolved and that it gets to see the light of day. I'm starting at M.V. in a few weeks, maybe I'll see you around!

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