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  • Posted to Firefox: The Evolution Of A Brand, in reply to Chris Johnston , Jun 13, 2019

    Probably referring to Mozilla's last re-brand:

    Round 1

    Round 2


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  • Posted to The State of CSS 2019, Jun 13, 2019

    The graph of "satisfaction vs usage" under Technologies is quite insightful. Looks like we can all agree that SASS is awesome. haha

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  • Posted to SuperSearch by FontBase — Find Fonts by Optical Properties: Contrast, X-Height, Weight and More!, Jun 11, 2019

    This is amazing! How is this not getting more response from designers? (Is this a duplicate post? I tried searching DN to see, but search is broke so...)

    Love that they're showing an actual distribution graph instead of a generic slider! And that it works with any font!

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  • Posted to The new Mac Pro is a design remix, Jun 11, 2019

    Funny how the new cheese grater pattern is created by two half spheres, one on each side. I thought the machining pattern was different on the front and back!

    Thanks for the look back at how Apple pulled from some of their past products to guide decisions for the new Mac Pro. The accompanying graphics were great.

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  • Posted to You may not know this hidden secondary clipboard on Mac, in reply to Adam Fisher-Cox , May 31, 2019

    I actually ended up using this last night! Had something on my clipboard. Got to where I wanted to paste it and went "Crap, I have to move that other text first...". Worked perfectly!

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  • Posted to You may not know this hidden secondary clipboard on Mac, in reply to Richard Hassen , May 30, 2019

    btw, it's CTRL-K and CTRL-Y

    I think the functionality is identical to CMD-X and CMD-V. It's just for those times when you're saving something in your clipboard, but want to copy something else too. idk

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  • Posted to Thanks for critiquing my old site a month ago! What do you think of my new one? , May 29, 2019

    Your new portfolio is a huge improvement. The layout, animations, colors, typography, footer: All greatly improved.

    btw - Little typo in homepage hero text: "Japanese in located in"

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  • Posted to New Significa website is live , May 28, 2019

    So cleeeeaan. Love how you did the contact form. The "Send" button isn't very strong/bold, but it's still eye catching. The error messages are good too. Seems like you put a lot of care and thought into every little bit of this site.

    The photo collages are great. I was curious how you handled that responsively. Around tablet you drop from five photos to three, and then on mobile you drop to just one. My initial reaction was "But that means you're serving mobile visitors a different experience with less!" However... it's growing on me.

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  • Posted to How to be super productive as a digital nomad running a startup and raising kids, May 25, 2019

    Surprisingly, this article was... great! My two favorite sections were unloading things you need to remember and overcoming procrastination.

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  • Posted to Keeping your Business Card Updated, in reply to Oliver Swig , May 23, 2019

    It's the industry that keeps changing what your title "should" be. No one actually knows what's correct, but we can spot the out-dated ones!

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