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  • Posted to Sketch’s Brilliant New Way to Export Borders as SVG, in reply to Gabe Will , Apr 12, 2017

    To paraphrase my understanding of their reasoning:

    • Putting the stroke and fill on the same layer—and therefore removing any trace of what the original path was—could be considered "flattening." They argued that certain users may not expect it to be flattened in this way.

    (Personally I think that recreating the border in the first place is flattening. It's already happening, so why stop short?)

    • They also felt that developers often need to keep the original path/layer intact in some way... retaining it's dimensions and position.

    (I think there's theoretical truth to this, but I haven't heard of anyone actually in this scenario. People in this situation can so easily create 2 separate layers for their border and fill before export. Also, I think developers might be far more frustrated that Sketch codes 'in/out border + fill layers' differently from 'centered border + fill layers', despite the fact that both end up in SVG as centered strokes.)

    I think there's some merit to their arguments, and I admit that it can be difficult to make these decisions... especially as Sketch seems to be committed to a one-click SVG export experience instead of providing more options like AI or Affinity do. Hard to have it all!

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  • Posted to Sketch’s Brilliant New Way to Export Borders as SVG, in reply to Marc Edwards , Apr 11, 2017

    Totally, and that's obviously the best way to handle inside/outside strokes! I left a little note about this in the article, but it's unfortunate that SVG 2 has yet to be implemented in any browser yet. Which means that it's going to be quite a while before the stroke-alignment feature can be relied upon for consistently displaying inside/outside strokes.

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  • Posted to Sketch’s Brilliant New Way to Export Borders as SVG, in reply to Jack Bach , Apr 11, 2017

    Hey Jack, are you referring to the center of the bordered path being 0,0 (effectively giving it a centered transform-origin in SVG's coordinate system), or just having one of the vector points on the bordered path be positioned at 0,0?

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  • Posted to Sketch’s Brilliant New Way to Export Borders as SVG, Apr 11, 2017

    Hey fellow designers! There’s an amazing hidden feature in Sketch’s v43 update... Sketch’s SVG export just took another giant leap forward with this new inside/outside borders feature. No other design software comes close. Enjoy the article!

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  • Posted to Here's How I Use Sketch for Print Design, in reply to Shawn Leslie , Oct 26, 2016

    So glad to you found it useful, Shawn! For those of us who prefer making layouts in Sketch, those techniques are really a life saver. :)

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  • Posted to Alternative to After Effects?, in reply to Nathan Manousos , Oct 26, 2016

    That's true! I found that Flinto's ability to automatically interpolate between connected layers (especially basic shapes) in the Transition Designer, along with 3D rotations and super easy timing/easing tools allowed me to create more stunning animations in 2 day than a motion graphics animator could get through in a week. Sure, it doesn't support multiple keyframes, but you can fake that and get surprisingly far with groups and additional screens.

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  • Posted to Pixel Density, Demystified: what every designer should know (Article & Video), Jun 10, 2016

    Hi everyone,

    Designers frequently throw around terms like "3x", "HiDPI", "DIPs" and"Pts" and I felt there needed to be a better visual explanation of what everything means and how pixel density affects us as designers.

    Check out the video and share it with someone who's trying to understand this stuff!

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  • Posted to Flinto for Mac 1.6, say hello to the new link line, Jun 10, 2016

    Love how quickly you can now access a gesture, by clicking on the link line!

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  • Posted to Show DN: Sketch Master - Training Courses for Professionals Learning Sketch, May 26, 2016

    Hi fellow designers! I'm thrilled to have launched Sketch Master, after many many months of developing these courses and the platform. I think that the Sketch community deserves quality training that is focused on real projects and practical workflows. The first 2 courses (beginner and intermediate levels) are now available, and I'm hoping to release more advanced courses in the future. I'd love to hear what you think!

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  • Posted to Apple Reveals San Francisco Monospaced Font, in reply to Kevin Suttle , Apr 19, 2016

    All mono-spaced fonts look relatively similar. For example, the lowercase i almost always needs serifs to take up enough space. When you analyze letters like "a", "G", "S", "k", "g"... they're unmistakably the same as SF Compact. Definitely different typographic DNA than Roboto.

    SF Mono Uses

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