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  • Posted to Shards - A Free & Modern Bootstrap 4 UI Kit, Nov 08, 2017

    Looks very nice, props for good documentation!

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  • Posted to Promo video for Startup Framework 2.0 by Designmodo, in reply to Edo Khondkaryan , Aug 24, 2017

    Thanks. Nice, so it's really huge update - will definitely take a closer look. Great that it'll be compatible with Bootstrap 4.

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  • Posted to Promo video for Startup Framework 2.0 by Designmodo, Aug 24, 2017

    Edo - what's new in version 2.0 of Startup Framework? Is there any changelog available?

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  • Posted to Laverna: An open source Evernote alternative, in reply to Pablo Stanley , Aug 21, 2017

    I've just installed Laverna on Mac OS, but wasn't able to configure Dropbox sync. Finally I've used the app just for a few minutes maybe, there is still a lot to do in terms of UI/UX. Liked the general idea, but the app itself isn't polished enough in my opinion.

    I'm using Notes.app (switched from Evernote), but still looking for something better, especially with Markdown support. Dropbox Paper is great, but for me it's more like Google Docs alternative.

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  • Posted to CSS Utility Classes and "Separation of Concerns", Aug 10, 2017

    Very nice article, I'm even thinking now about using Less again instead of Sass. Looking forward to see Tailwind framework - definitely want to try "your" approach to writing CSS.

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