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  • Posted to What is the best font creation software for the Mac?, Jun 04, 2018

    I've only used Glyphs Mini, but I think it's great and am going to be getting the main version that supports variable fonts and everything else soon.

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  • Posted to Creating a New Language for Nutrition: McDonald’s Universal Icons for 109 Countries, Jun 04, 2017

    Pretty interesting work. Does anyone happen to know if they've made vector versions of the icons available, given the free nature of these designs?

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  • Posted to What book do you use to keep your monitor at Eye level?, Nov 05, 2016

    Two architectural reference books. McKay Building Construction, volumes 1-2 and 3-4. The contents are outdated, but they are still proving very useful.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Good svg design tool?, May 16, 2016

    Years ago when I used it on Linux, Inkscape was truly excellent.

    Seriously, one of the nicest pieces of open source software I have used. A joy compared with GIMP and others. It is designed as an SVG editor and wasn't 'cluttered' up with features that the format doesn't support. It's not native on OS X (or Win, I expect).

    I use Affinity Designer on OS X now. It's pretty great and does have decent SVG support. (Now. Previous versions would export as a raster graphic embedded in a vector format for SVG or EPS!)

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  • Posted to CNN Creates Helvetica Clone as it's Company-Wide Typeface, Apr 27, 2016

    That must have been an inspiring brief: "We want a font like Helvetica, but that we own the licence to."

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  • Posted to Design Facts, Mar 23, 2016

    This is brilliant!

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  • Posted to The Talk Show, with Very Special Guests Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi, in reply to Daniel Golden , Feb 14, 2016

    TL;DL, surely.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Thoughts on gigantic footers?, Feb 04, 2016

    Personally I really like them, especially when they serve as a small 'about' page and a site map. DN is a great example of this. They needn't be gigantic, but if the website is large it's good to have these footers as an anchor to orient yourself, especially when then the stuff 'above the fold' is always competing for attention.

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  • Posted to ABDZ New Design, in reply to Vlad Radulescu , Jan 20, 2016

    I actually really like it, though I bet it will be a shock for Abduzeedo fans though! I always felt that their colourful branding distracted from the material they were presenting. This certainly won't.

    Plenty of CSS bugs tho. I'm sure they'll catch those.

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