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  • Posted to On Writing CSS, in reply to Evan MacAlpine , Dec 11, 2017

    Hi Evan, i don't avoid nesting entirely, but the danger is that you have a lot of specificity variance which makes it difficult to quickly understand how styles are being applied and overridden. This is documented in Harry Robert's CSS Guidelines:

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  • Posted to Learning D3.js, in reply to Kyle Gillen , Dec 03, 2016

    Hey Kyle, This is valuable feedback. Thanks for sharing it! I think you're right that I need to add more information to the website. I wasn't totally sure what questions people would have, but i'm going to be updating the FAQ section as I hear them. To answer some of your questions here:

    1. The course is complete.
    2. When you purchase the course you have access to everything.
    3. I based prices primarily off of how much value I think the course provides, but I also took into account what other companies are doing. Udacity charges $200+/mo for some of their programs. D3 workshops in my area run upwards of 2k per head for 1-2 days of instruction.

    Thanks again for your feedback!

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  • Posted to Learning D3.js, in reply to John Anzelc , Dec 03, 2016

    Great feedback, appreciate you taking the time to share!

    I'll probably take another run at the marketing video and put clips of the course in it.

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  • Posted to Learning D3.js, in reply to Ryan Chu , Dec 03, 2016

    Thanks Ryan! I do love a good favicon.

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  • Posted to Learning D3.js, in reply to Joshua Miller , Dec 03, 2016

    Thanks Joshua! Appreciate it :)

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  • Posted to Learning D3.js, in reply to Gilbert Bagaoisan , Dec 03, 2016

    Hi Gilbert! I offer a lesson on the website, were you hoping for more of them? If students get stuck they are able to contact me.

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions!

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  • Posted to Learning D3.js, in reply to Simon Evans , Dec 01, 2016

    Thanks for the feedback! There are indeed great free resources out there. One in particular I recommend to people is Scott Murrays book:

    I spent a decent amount of time thinking about the pricing. Comparing it to resources like Udacity's courses, the pricing made sense to me. Appreciate your perspective though!

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  • Posted to Learning D3.js, Dec 01, 2016

    Hey friends,

    I just released my course on building data visualizations with D3. I'd appreciate feedback on the landing page. If you have suggestions i'd love to hear them!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Favorite personal blog designs?, Nov 02, 2014

    Here are some that inspired my own blog design:

    Trent Walton -

    Mark Otto -

    Frank Chimero -

    Noah Stokes -

    Dan Cederholm -

    Joel Glovier -

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  • Posted to Responsive Resume Template, in reply to Tierney Cyren , Aug 13, 2014

    thanks for the feedback! It's built with plain old html, css and a little bit of jquery. I actually used the responsive resume template as the base for the homepage as well. Feel free to check out the source, or if you have specific questions just let me know!

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