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  • Posted to Cute login form, in reply to James Young , Feb 22, 2018

    Where on Reddit did you see this?

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  • Posted to Logos are overrated, in reply to Pablo Stanley , Feb 21, 2018

    The maturity that you respond to inflammatory comments with is impressive.

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  • Posted to My first tutorial! Tips on how to be quick at Sketch. Let me know what you think, Jan 05, 2018

    You monster, this is great. They should have you as a guest on Mac Power Users.

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  • Posted to Portfolio - Yarosky Cruz , in reply to Dean Hayden , Dec 10, 2017

    Not that it's a stellar decision here, but why " all costs"!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What is your current desktop wallpaper?, Jun 21, 2017


    Dark grey. Plus I run a Hazel rule to clean off my desktop twice a day. I find it helpful not to have the distraction of those files in front of me.

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  • Posted to SVG video mask on text, Jun 16, 2017

    That is really cool. Is it a thing I can use now, or in 2020?

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  • Posted to Easter egg on DesignerNews, Jun 13, 2017

    How did you find this??

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  • Posted to Site Design: Stripe Connect, in reply to Mike Wilson , May 26, 2017

    ...a lack of visual contrast and poor typographic hierarchy

    What? I disagree. Break these down. Where's the poor typographic hierarchy?

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  • Posted to Who Cares?, in reply to Charlie McCulloch , May 25, 2017

    Never heard of all birds before. Am I missing something?

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  • Posted to Best Apps for Apple Watch?, May 24, 2017

    I've had AW Series 2 since this past November and I love it. Here are the apps I have used most:

    • Strava (for running)
    • Due (for task management)
    • MiniStats (to see my iPhone battery life and cellularly data usage)
    • Overcast (for listening to podcasts through my airpods while running)
    • FotMob (for soccer scores)
    • Remote (for controlling my apple tv when I lose the remote)
    • 1Password (for when I'm at someone else computer)
    • Deliveries (...for tracking deliveries)
    • AutoSleep (sleep tracking and stats)

    I wear it everyday, and just love this thing.

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