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  • Posted to AMA: Heyo, I'm Matt D. Smith, better known on the internet as @mds. Ask me anything., Aug 07, 2018
    • What are your thoughts on float labels atm?
    • What's it like balancing work and being a husband with 4 kids?

    Edit: Just saw your tweet about forntite editing... so new question: What's your ideal loadout if you had your pick of every item in the game?

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  • Posted to Does anyone still use RSS readers? Looking for feedback!, in reply to Simone , Aug 02, 2018

    This is exactly my workflow. Feedly + Reeder.

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  • Posted to Standing desks vs sitting: why sitting ISN’T slowly killing you, in reply to Xavier Bertels , Jul 31, 2018

    Thanks for the heads up. Banned.

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  • Posted to Are Figma's components terrible (or is it me)?, Jul 27, 2018

    I like them a lot, and prefer them to Sketch Symbols.

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  • Posted to MIT website redesign, in reply to Todd Cantley , Jul 26, 2018

    This comment is rude and unhelpful. If the delete comment functionality for mods was working rn it would be deleted.

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  • Posted to Sensive · Effortless tracking and sharing for Figma, Jul 25, 2018

    Yess! I need this! Just signed up and I'm excited to use it, I just wish it could version retroactively. But this is better than nothing.

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  • Posted to 5 Wonderful Travel Website Designs for inspiration, in reply to Ken Em , Jul 24, 2018

    Thanks for the heads up. Sinking (for posterity) and banning.

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  • Posted to AMA Design Lead Milan Moffatt from SuperHi, Jul 20, 2018

    Did you end up in Chile for work or did you take up a design job in Chile because you we're already there? Also, do you speak spanish as well as a result?

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  • Posted to Good version control tools for designers, Jul 17, 2018

    Doesn't it make you miss Layervault?

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  • Posted to Pain points for designers in 2018?, in reply to Surjith S M , Jul 16, 2018

    I want to create some service...

    We generally would say something more like "I want to create a service...". Or maybe even better would be "I'm interested in creating a service..." to express that it's more than just a desire, but something I'm actually pursuing.

    ...But I was stuck with good idea.

    This statement, taken literally, means that you already have a good idea, but you haven't been able to get rid of your good idea. Maybe what you mean to say is "...But I haven't been able to find good ideas", or "...But I've only been able to think of bad ideas". or "...But I'm looking for ideas".

    What is the biggest pain points right now?

    This question is pretty clear, but the "is" should be "are" instead, because you're asking about more than one pain point.

    Would you like to pay money for solving this pain?

    This question also is clear, but should be written "Would you like to pay money to have this pain resolved?". The real problem with this sentence is that it sounds funny and strange because paying money is generally not something people like to do. It's kind of like asking "Would you like to go to the dentist for eating this candy?" Probably the best way to ask this question would be to simply remove the word "like" and ask "Would you pay money to have this problem solved?"

    The overall issue with your question here is that some people feel like you're being lazy by asking a question that you should be working to answer yourself. I think the real problem is that you haven't worded your question properly in order to get the answers that you're looking for.

    Learning languages is very hard and a lot of work. Clearly you've made a lot of progress, but you still have some more to go. Don't give up.

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