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  • Posted to Designer Lynx — a comprehensive list of links for all your UI needs, Nov 02, 2017

    Looking good! Thanks for featuring goodweb.design!

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  • Posted to Best libraries / solutions for Animate on scroll?, in reply to Julain Vera , Nov 02, 2017

    I use scrollmagic. Very powerful. Not sure how it compares to other stuff, but it was fairly easy to pick up.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Best Architecture Software List, Oct 12, 2017

    Illustrations and animation look dope. What happened to the wavy arm on this dude?

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  • Posted to North Korea Graphic Design, in reply to Li Xiaohan , Oct 09, 2017

    Grew up in china. Definitely saw a lot of these patterns. For a long time, I hated these color palettes because of their association with the poor quality products my grand parents used to own.

    I've since come around. With distance, I've now come to associate these with a nice part of my childhood. I wish more brands would take advantage of this nostalgia.

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  • Posted to The Wirecutter redesign, Oct 03, 2017

    I'm actually a little sad that none of the original branding was carried through. It was one of the few warm-colored tech websites out there, and fit perfectly with the tone of the site.

    For me it was a perfect place for people who like gadgets more for the benefits they bring to their life, and less for the tech itself.

    This new design is too on trend and masculine. Almost like engadget.

    Also, the bold Serif is kinda hard to scan.

    Overall, very well executed, but misses the point a little

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  • Posted to Student Portfolio Critique, Oct 02, 2017

    Echoing some of the comments her:

    • Choose 3-4 things to show off. Easier to polish and less maintenance work down the line
    • Something about the light medium type throws me off. Feels a bit blurry at the current weight and contrast
    • Menu is hard to see. Totally didn't get it until someone here pointed it out
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  • Posted to Site Design: Portfolio Update, Sep 28, 2017

    Looking great. Btw, not sure if this is intentional, but there's no padding under the links in the footer.

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  • Posted to My first side-project: a pattern library for landing pages, in reply to Art Riduet , Sep 25, 2017

    Great point. Gonna remove that, and soften and expand the shadow instead.

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  • Posted to My first side-project: a pattern library for landing pages, in reply to milan seitler , Sep 25, 2017

    Noted. Once we implement some proper lazy loading, we'll at least double the amount of ss per page. Mostly a performance thing right now as we load images dumbly :p

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  • Posted to My first side-project: a pattern library for landing pages, in reply to Ryan Olson , Sep 22, 2017

    Thank you! Will fix that soon :)

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