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  • Posted to Music Pro - Play Youtube Music, Jun 20, 2019

    Music Pro is an elegant and beautiful music player that streams music directly from YouTube without limits. It keeps you peace from annoying ads while watching videos. You can organize your own playlists, save tracks to favorite, share music with friends, and more. You also can customize the music player your way. Best of all? IT'S FREE!

    With Music Pro, you can: - Stream any track and playlist from Youtube without limits and interrupting ads - Import playlists from Youtube - Turn off video while playing. NO OVERHEATING, NO DATA DEVOURING, NO BATTERY DRAIN anymore. - Play Youtube music in the background while screen locked or using other apps - Organize your own playlists and tracks - Customize music player your own way as your feeling - Listen to top trending music daily any country around the world

    Download it now: https://www.amazingmusicpro.com/

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  • Posted to Checkman - The Mobile App Design Checker, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , Jul 11, 2017

    Thanks Aaron for feedback, Actually when you develop a website on PC/Mac, you can use Chrome inspector/firebug to detect UI's bugs. But it is more harder in mobile phone for checking UI's bugs for mobile app or mobile web. So that, Checkman can help you with verify again your build before launching to customers. Actually, it helps much. That is verified by many Checkman users. If you have more feedback or want to talk more, please drop us an email via truonglong88@gmail.com. We would love to hear. Regards.

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  • Posted to Checkman - The Mobile App Design Checker, Jul 10, 2017

    All Checkman main features are listed as follows:

    • Check whether elements are aligned properly: you can drag a vertical/horizontal ruler from the left or top of a specific screen and then move it to any elements you want to do alignment checking. You also can zoom in on the screenshot of the build to make sure every pixel is perfect.

    • Review top/bottom/left/right padding of one element: on each ruler, we have labels that show padding. The padding can be measured by Px or Pt.

    • Get the exact distances among elements by dragging vertical and horizontal rulers to the sides of elements.

    • Measure dimensions of elements (width and height)

    • Check color code of each pixel: no color will be missed under Checkman’s talent.

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