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  • Posted to The Top 10 Best Wireframe Tools, Jul 03, 2017

    Nice article, I have some wireframe tools for reference that you don't mention in article. I hope it's also can help UI/UX designers a lot.

    OmniGraffle is a drawing tool that is only suitable for Apple Devices. All kinds of the chart is a piece of cake for it. Designers can make a good wireframe with its rich template. This software will cost you around $50.

    Mockplus for Mac is a concise and rapid prototype design tool. Mockplus is very easy to use. Even the novice can quickly make a prototype. Its unique sketch style and low fidelity coincide with the features of the wireframe. To some extent, it’s a free wireframe tool for Mac.

    InDesign is considered as a great wireframe tool. It can add animation and video into wireframes, which can contribute to a vivid presentation effect. It aims to build an interactive wireframe. If you want to make your wireframe stand out, it’s a good choice.

    Like other wireframe tools for Mac, FlairBuilder can create a wireframe by dragging and clicking. If you are still entangled fidelity problem, FlairBuilder is a good choice. It can upgrade from the low-fidelity sketches to the high-fidelity wireframes. The only downside is that the price is expensive. You have to pay $99 to use it.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How to edit or delete a post?, Jul 03, 2017

    Why can't I post a new question or story?I'm new hand here, Who can tell me? thank you so much!

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  • Posted to 10 Landing Page Mistakes That Are Killing Your Chances At Conversion, Jul 03, 2017

    Thank you, a great article, it helps me a lot! And Use the Right Psychology of Color Will Improve Your Conversions...

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  • Posted to How Storytelling Affects The Brain and How It Can Be Used In Emails?, Jun 29, 2017

    Storytelling can improve UX ....

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