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  • Posted to HowTo in-validate a business idea within two weeks... , Jul 24, 2017

    Do you folks think I quit too early?

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  • Posted to Chatbots Deliver the Worst Customer Service, Jul 07, 2017

    Indeed a big problem with chatbots!

    • the user expects to interact with them like he does with a human, due the usual chat / voice interface
    • they are (still) too dumb
    • as soon as the user beginns arguing and questioning a strange or wrong response the usual "AI" of the bot is done. Its only getting worse from there...

    So what's a proper solution?

    In my opinion we need to be using predefined conversation flows (yes like in the old phone line systems) and expand on them until we are sure our bot understands 80% of the requests properly.

    There can be quite complex conversation flows - but the main premise is to only allow for pre-defined questions and requests. Or at most ask for a keyword / topic and then go back into "menu mode"

    Any other suggestions to solve this with the current tech?

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  • Posted to A service I loved was sold and became unbearable, so I built my own, Jul 04, 2017

    Great stuff and good luck with your project!

    The gif on the landingpage is lightning-fast. Maybe I am getting old, but its too fast for me to actually see and understand what is going on. Had to watch it like 3 times ;-)

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  • Posted to Mapbox Cartogram — new drag-and-drop tool to create a custom map in seconds, Jun 28, 2017

    Nice, really easy to use interface - however the color results are "ok"

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