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  • Posted to Milanote—the notes app for creative work (v1.0), in reply to Mike A. , Jun 27, 2017

    I've signed up to both of them and still in the process of putting it through real life situations. I'm on Realtimeboard's Premium subscription and Milanote Premium as well. How have you found them? In my view I find Milanote tidier but hugely limiting. It's great for smaller boards and boards that need the boards within boards for organising. However there are some HUGE UX and usability issues. The arrows placement is seriously lacking - you can't lock on to specific parts of the cards. There is no way to organise how cards sit on top one another - accept the last modifiedis always on top. It's good for highly visual presentation where you are using images and text ONLY. It's also easier to VIEW the app - although lack of a zoom means that larger more complicated boards are a pain to view. I find realtimeboard cheaper and far more versatile - if messier and a little overwhelming for some users. However all commands are displayed clearly in a menu. There are a lot more options for creating a decent board but never too overwhelming for new users. There are less restrictions in sticky not sizes and also has shapes, zooming and more customisable visuals. Most importantly is that it except word docs, pdfs, google docs. In fact many of these files are displayed as a preview INSIDE the board!

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