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  • Posted to Affinity Designer VS Sketch, in reply to Jan Semler , Jun 22, 2017

    To avoid making a fresh post about the same thing:

    Photoshop is as it says on the tin, a "Photo" "Shop", somewhere you should only go to alter and adapt photographs and digital compositions. UI design requires design in vector format. I have no ill feelings, really, toward those who use Photoshop, but by doing so it's like you're unwilling to open your mind and increase your perspective. You're sticking with what you know, ever since you were a kid, Photoshop was a big name, and you doctored those family photos with sheer amazement.

    BUT, Illustrator, by its very nature and fabric of creation is intended for the development of digital assets and pixel perfect elements which is the necessity for UI design. (Sketch, Affinity etc. now also)

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  • Posted to Affinity Designer VS Sketch, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Jun 22, 2017

    On the baseline, they should just have the actual knowledge and experience of CSS as a coding language. Haven gotten their hands dirty with it at some point so that they then know what's possible. Not necessarily a 'unicorn' designer, but it is a severe must to have awareness of the technologies you are working with and have an impact on.

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  • Posted to Affinity Designer VS Sketch, in reply to chirpy zzz , Jun 22, 2017

    Sorry, but Adobe Illustrator is the tool for actual UI design creation and element development. It's the only legacy vector package from Adobe. (Fireworks also, prior to its decease)

    Affinity therefore, as far as I can see right now, is then of course intended for UI design and the same level of digital asset creation as Illustrator is.

    Sketch, yeh, that is an artboard workflow tool that leads on to instant device testing and prototyping. It has like you say extended its library of functions to make UI design on it a primary task.

    Adobe XD has the name and brand behind it, but still, like you say, a far leap to go.

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