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  • Posted to Need some advice: UX user research with Doctors, Nov 09, 2018

    Hi there,

    I currently perform ongoing research with doctors, clinical staff, nurses and office admin. I'm am now based in America, not in the UK though, although I grew up there. Here there are certain laws around compensation within the medical field and that can be tricky sometimes.

    There isn't one specific answer I use a combination of shadowing, one and one user interviews, some usability testing in the practice, putting together an advisory board if possible and also being a ninja/creative like you said.

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  • Posted to How do I find design jobs with positive, social impact?, Nov 05, 2018

    Hey Kyle,

    I too felt like this and made a leap into the medical field and now I'm designing tools for cancer researchers and oncology nurses to help create new treatments and help patients directly. I'm happy to talk more about my transition into the field and any other questions you may have. Tried to add you on linkedin but couldn't.

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