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  • Posted to Is DesignerNews dead?, Mar 09, 2021

    yup - seems to be filled with tons of T-Shirt posts and garbage now. Totally neglected product. Teesping must be paying them a lot to get this many posts per day.

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  • Posted to Which monitor do you have?, Jan 08, 2019

    LG Ultrafine 4K with the touch bar MacBook Pro. Perfect combo

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  • Posted to best widescreen monitor recommendation for UI UX design, Oct 09, 2018

    Love my LG 4K ultrafine!

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  • Posted to What backpack are you rocking?, Jul 18, 2018

    I cant get enough of my CHROME Bravo 2.0 - best bag i have used to date

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  • Posted to UX company onboarding process, May 17, 2018

    My experience is that the agencies want the talent and once they have acquired them the process stops there. Including the company who owns this website - which was one of the worst onboarding experiences I have had into a company. I'm sure some have this process down to a science and have tested it with employees to see which yields better success and happier people.

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