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Jim Silverman

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  • Posted to Argue with your customers, in reply to Nathan Kontny , Sep 11, 2018

    It may be just my misunderstanding from an outsider's perspective, but you described the example interview as jarring enough to make your jaw drop. The phrasing and context makes it feel very abrasive.

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  • Posted to Argue with your customers, Sep 11, 2018

    The example you cite may have had the desired affect, but I would not recommend intentionally agitating customers unless you want them to leave. There are many ways to illicit proper feedback without being so confrontational and aggressive.

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  • Posted to Introducing...downvoting! , Sep 10, 2018

    can't downvote sponsored posts huh.

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  • Posted to New Dribbble About Page, Sep 10, 2018

    intense amount of navigation.

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  • Posted to Stop sharing stuff you didn't read thanks to a responsible design, Sep 07, 2018

    interesting concept, but i'd be concerned about scaling this since each article would require a bespoke captcha question.

    you could also simply hide share button until user clicks through, similar to how facebook displays related stories.

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  • Posted to Atlassian and InVision announce partnership, Sep 06, 2018

    " we’re forming a new and even more meaningful partnership "

    alright cool, except this "meaningful" partnership is incredibly vague and filled with marketing doublespeak.

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  • Posted to Abstract Redesign, in reply to Julian H , Sep 06, 2018

    interesting. i thought the messaging was incredibly clear and one of the strongest aspects of the redesign.

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  • Posted to Inter UI — The font made for user interfaces with focus on high legibility, in reply to Chris Keith , Aug 30, 2018

    pretty much. on the Lab page you can compare it to San Francisco. there are slight differences, but it's indistinguishable to the naked eye.

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  • Posted to Quill - Messaging for teams that focus., Aug 28, 2018

    nice looking landing page, but it's sorely missing any information about what this product will be.

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