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  • Posted to Using CSS4's validity pseudo-classes to make forms epic., Jun 25, 2015

    Nothing more epic than alerting user about invalid input before they have even finished filling the field.

    Over eager validation is one of my biggest gripes. Just validate the field after user has moved on to next field or has finished typing.

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  • Posted to Whats new in Safari 9.0, Jun 09, 2015

    Icons for Pinned Tabs

    Pinned Sites allow your users to keep their favorite websites open, running, and easily accessible. You can set the icon that the user sees when they pin your site by providing a vector image. Use 100% black for all vectors with a transparent background in SVG format and add the following markup to all webpages that the icon should represent (replacing "website_icon" with your own file's name).

    <link rel="icon" sizes="any" mask href="website_icon.svg">

    To specify the color the icon should be displayed in, add the theme-color meta element to your webpage:

    <meta name="theme-color" content="red">

    The content attribute can specify a color in hexadecimal color values (#990000) or RGB formatted colors (rgb(153, 0, 0)), or recognized color-keywords, such as: red, lime, or navy.

    Not another one!

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  • Posted to The most complete Apple Watch Kit ever produced free in Sketch, PSD, May 15, 2015

    The Sketch version is available exclusively for UI8 Ultimate Pass members.

    248 dollars for the Sketch version. Yikes!

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  • Posted to eModal for Bootstrap, Apr 21, 2015


    This screen could use a bit more contrast.

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  • Posted to Frontend Guidelines, in reply to Matt Sisto , Feb 25, 2015

    So it would be better to pollute your stylesheets with .first or .last classes because it would save you a few of microseconds or whatnot of parsing?

    I'd argue using a adjacent sibling selector is far more maintainable than having to remember to always add superfluous selectors in your markup.

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  • Posted to Frontend Guidelines, Feb 25, 2015

    Someone's been drinking functional programming kool-aid :-)

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  • Posted to A Modern Default , Jan 21, 2015

    I expected the project to have something like good typographic defaults, pretty blockquotes and nice lists but all it does is makes images and html5 media responsive. It's literally 8 lines of CSS.

    img, video { max-width: 100%; height: auto; } audio { width: 100%; }

    I don't understand why this needs a github repo.

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  • Posted to The Chrome CSS Bug That Crashed Our Site, Jan 09, 2015

    A 360px big blur might cause your browser to lag, who would have thought?

    I don't know, such large blur radius just strikes me as pretty careless. A gradient would have been a more sensible choice in the first place.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How do you cross-browser test?, in reply to Alex Chan , Jan 02, 2015

    I've yet to find a good Android emulator. The one packaged with ADT is terrible.

    How about Genymotion? It's fast as hell, and free for personal use

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