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  • Posted to Any designers using Framer X? Why or why not?, Jun 21, 2019

    This is a great question, Ben!

    If you are a visual designer that is interested in learning about interaction design, you should pay attention to what Framer X is bringing to the table.

    Just for the fact that is the only Interaction Design tool powered by the latest version of React (there are other tools, but this is the only one with a welcoming and growing community behind).

    I use Framer X extensively. Most days I loved it. Some days I feel frustrated by the current state of the tool. But the team has a very intense release cycle (shipping new things every 2 weeks), I can see how it's getting better.

    But to be honest with you, in the process of using Framer X, I learn React, I re-learned frontend and styling techniques with CSS, Styled Components and Emotion. I evolved myself into designing with interactive data states... and I improved my understanding of how to design stuff. It has been a very rewarding journey so far.

    If you felt the need to explore and get into the weeds of transitions, motion design, you might enjoy it.

    Somebody on Twitter said today that interaction design is the evolution of what we know and do as designers. Any (static) design tool is actively moving towards that.

    But if you don't feel adventurous enough, maybe you should wait a couple of months until they share their next big release (I promise you, it's gonna be awesome).

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  • Posted to AMA: Framer Team On Framer 2.0, The Complete Product Design Tool, May 31, 2017

    Congrats guys, incredible work. I'm still adjusting to the previous update with the new UI.

    My questions:

    1. Seems like the beta channel is not active anymore, something happened? As a community member, where can we request for features or give feedback?
    2. There are lots of improvements for the code section.
      • Quick way to edit external components or to open external modules in new tab, maybe?
      • Quick way to add external CSS/JS libraries.
      • Quick way to edit or save pieces of code as modules.

    I love the effort on making prototyping more accessible and simple, but there is an incredible value on the community, with lots of new components, what do you think?

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