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  • Posted to Within 2018 — A leadership retreat for women in design, in reply to Sean Schraeder , Oct 27, 2017

    You're missing the point, although I'm unclear on whether it's intentional.

    Let me spell it out for you as clearly as possible: if you're like me, you benefit from all sorts of systemic discrimination whether you like it or not. If you want to get rid of said-discrimination, you need to take action against it. This isn't meant to hurt your feelings, but this really isn't about you. Here are your options:

    • If you believe that people face discrimination, help them liberate themselves (or at least stay out of their way).
    • If you believe that people don't face discrimination, read a book. Literally any book.

    I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, in reply to Daniel Fosco , Apr 08, 2016

    You completely missed the point. The post you replied to is talking about how we're talking to each other in this thread.

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  • Posted to Men of DesignerNews, in reply to Michael Afonso , Apr 08, 2016

    The word for "not generalizing" would be "discrimination". If someone said "yower-class homosexual women bring different perspectives to the team" you wouldn't extrapolate to an entire team, and it's silly to try to publicly shame someone for the words we put in their mouth because we discriminate against them.

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  • Posted to Site Design: npm, in reply to Adam Wintle , Dec 11, 2014
    console.log("* " + module.exports.join("\n* "));
    • Nacho Pizza Marinade
    • Nacho Portion Monitor
    • Naked Panda Muffin
    • Namely, Pickled Meatballs
    • Nancy's Preferred Machete
    • Napping Panda Missionaries
    • Narwhals Poke Mammals
    • Nasty Polka Music
    • National Patience Month
    • National Pest Management
    • National Poetry Month
    • Natural Pacifist Manatees
    • Naughty Push Message
    • Nautical Pea Maker
    • Nearly Pooped Myself
    • Neatly Positioned Magazines
    • Necessitates Proper Modularity
    • Need Package Maintenance
    • Neighbourhood Party Manager
    • Neoanthropic Preternatural Murmurings
    • Neologistic Paraphasic Mumbling
    • Nerdiest Political Manifesto
    • Nerds Produce Money
    • Nerdy Pun Mavens
    • Never Panic Much
    • Never Piss-off Me
    • Never Poke Monkeys
    • Never Program Mad
    • Never Punch Manticores
    • New Powerful Machines
    • Newly Paranoid Maintainers
    • Newts Parading Majestically
    • Nice paintings, Mondrian
    • Nice Pants, Man
    • Nice Parakeet Marriage
    • Nice People Matter
    • Nice Pottery Mug
    • Nicer Perusal Method
    • Niche Portobello Mushroom
    • Nietzsche's Preposterous Moustache
    • Niffty Pony Merchandise
    • Nifty Pun Master
    • Nihilist Pocket Monsters
    • Nimble Polyglot Microcosm
    • No Package Mishaps
    • No Potty Mouths
    • No Prize Money
    • No Problem Mate
    • No Problem, Meatbag
    • no problem, mon
    • No Problematic Moustaches
    • No Proscribed Meaning
    • Nobody Packages More
    • Nocturnal Parakeet Monitor
    • Node Package Maid
    • Node Package Manager
    • Node Packaged Modules
    • Node People Magic
    • Node Powered Missiles
    • Node Promiscuous Modules
    • Noisy Pneumatic Mnemonic
    • nom, please more
    • Nominally Patriotric Meathead
    • Non-Potable Macchiato
    • Non-Printable Material
    • Noncollinear Perpendicular Microcrystalline
    • nonconformist propaganda machine
    • Northern Pileated Marmoset
    • Norwegian Polka Music
    • Nosey Party Murderer
    • Not Particularly Meaningful
    • Notable Pottery Manufacturer
    • Nouveau Print Maker
    • Now Particularly Misnamed
    • Now Printing Money
    • Now Proudly Macho
    • npm's pretty magical
    • NPM: Package Manager
    • Nuclear Planning Manual
    • Nude People Meditating
    • Nude Pokémon Magazine
    • Nutella Peanut-Butter Marshmallow
    • Nutty Penguin Music
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  • Posted to The Subscription Model is Fucked, in reply to Robert Farrelly , Oct 06, 2014


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  • Posted to Site Design: For the Badge, in reply to Jackson Geller , Sep 12, 2014

    Personally, I way prefer those badges (created with Shields) over these.

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  • Posted to Schnail Mail: free real mail for life!, in reply to Will Sentance , Sep 05, 2014

    My thoughts exactly. I couldn't care less about a computer running natural language processing on my mail, especially if it will make advertisements more relevant to me.

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  • Posted to Nice branding work from the Netherlands, in reply to Peter Müller , Aug 25, 2014


    Saying "the Netherlands" is like saying "las Angeles" or "el Dorado".

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