Alexandru Năstase

Alexandru Năstase

Bucharest Romania Senior Visual Designer & Art Director @ Joined over 4 years ago via an invitation from Daryl G.

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  • Posted to Sneak Preview: Custom Toolbars in Illustrator CC, Sep 29, 2018

    There are so many things to fix in Illustrator, this was not one of them :( Good addition nevertheless

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  • Posted to Design Specs - Going to Production with Adobe XD, in reply to Marc Edwards , Aug 06, 2018

    So so so much agree on this!! — Tried to do a project in Adobe XD saw no color management, switched software Mike...

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  • Posted to Insomnia, in reply to olivia davis , Jul 16, 2018

    You're brave posting this! Congrats. More and more designers suffer from affections like Insomnia but people don't bother to discuss it because it is not "design related".

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  • Posted to AMA Nelson Abalos from Webflow, Jul 09, 2018

    Amazing tool Nelson!! Few things missing that on my end are utterly important especially now: 1. Custom breakpoints (media-queries) 2. Hover state on every tag (If I hover a DIV to be able to modify its children) 3. Custom Grid properties — These things I was missing while working on 2 projects in Webflow, had to export and go in code manually. Looking forward for updates. — Also would consider a Pay for Export based on the number of pages maybe that I'm exporting, because I found that there are even 2 weeks in which I just don't touch Webflow, 2 weeks I'm paying and not using at all.

    Keep up the good work guys, amazing tool!

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  • Posted to Why is version control for designers premium?, Apr 23, 2018

    There's this one too which accepts Photoshop files also the rest are limited to only sketch files

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  • Posted to Adobe XD - open .Sketch and .PSD files, in reply to Spenser Wolz , Mar 13, 2018

    Same here, did 2 projects in it up until now and it was just fast, clean and the developers really enjoyed it's simplicity.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD - open .Sketch and .PSD files, in reply to Ashraf Ali , Mar 13, 2018

    Indeed man!

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  • Posted to Adobe XD - open .Sketch and .PSD files, Mar 13, 2018

    The release details

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  • Posted to Adobe XD - open .Sketch and .PSD files, in reply to Davin M. , Mar 13, 2018

    There's a convertor from PSD to Sketch from Avocode which does a good job but sketch doesn't open .XD files.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD - open .Sketch and .PSD files, in reply to Mike Stevenson , Mar 13, 2018

    As a logic exercise you were comparing a Beta state software to a minimum 4 years old stable software build slow and kinda on user feedback. Not defending Adobe here but it's like your comparing a bike to a car. Side Question - What do you do with Sketch in a large team where there are Mac & Windows users? This is their biggest downside. And yes at this point XD is lacking in symbols, if the sketch symbol system is brought into XD ... now that's another story.

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