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  • Posted to Site Design: Kentucky Fried Chicken, in reply to Mathew Sisson , May 27, 2015

    For real It took me a bit to figure out the scroll on the menu… specially since the video panel its using a dragging swiper.

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  • Posted to Rebrand of OpenTable, Mar 03, 2015

    I really like the way it feels, color palette is amazing and overall presentation of assets is really good. Only 2 things bother me, and 1 its completely personal. The fact that you can't close the video and go back to the hero of the people eating (maybe cause you can share the video???). The typography title on the typography page is too big for mobile so you can actually scroll right a bit. But again really well done site and it's awesome how the brand came together

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  • Posted to Ask DN: (how) do you use Slack?, Nov 24, 2014

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  • Posted to Ask DN: (how) do you use Slack?, Nov 24, 2014

    80% of it is GIFs… but we do have team channels, a private dev channel… we share snippets, files… It's really useful but like i said when you get the ball rolling you could easily waste some time.

    We moved from hipchat which was pretty awesome too, the only complaint with slack is that we have the free account and with all the people we have sometimes the history of the conversation could be gone in 1 or 2 days.

    Thye do have some sick integrations, stay away from giphy tho.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Nat Geo 'Killing Kennedy', Aug 19, 2014

    Death by Scrolling!!! I like the idea but a site should never autoplay music… it really sucks you can't speed up the process with the scroll bar…

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  • Posted to What to charge for services?, Jun 08, 2014

    I'd say don't base it off on age, let your work speak for itself… i do think $20 is on the low end, and like some people said i think if you raise the rate a bit then you'd weed off some clients that don't understand quality or they would be taking advantage of you cause you're young.

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  • Posted to Weird Stock Photos, Jun 05, 2014

    Somehow we landed on stock video and i typed nerd, this guy showed up…

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