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  • Posted to 2019 Design Tools Survey Results, Dec 04, 2019

    I think this survey's results -- especially in context of 2018's results -- are showing some clear trends towards winners in the space.

    I also think we're starting to see some emerging losers. Really curious how this market progresses in the next year or two.

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  • Posted to Sketch 58 Smart Layout is here! Live example here, Sep 17, 2019

    Is anyone else tired of this conversation? Do people legitimately care what other people use to design screens? I literally couldn't care less as long as myself and my team are able to use the tool of our choice.

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  • Posted to Your leadership title is bullshit., Jan 11, 2019

    I'm the first to say that we've hit peak jargon related to leadership, but I genuinely have had a nearly 180-degree experience from what this article espouses. After many years of experiencing the full spectrum of leadership (really good to really, really bad), I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it absolutely matters in a profound way. Leadership's presence in a team (or lack thereof) sets the tone for how people work, how they think about work and how they work with others. I've just seen it too many times in actual practice and while I often shudder at leadership catch-phrases, the impact and importance is real

    I also have come to believe that culture is not the outcome of success (see: Uber). I've seen great teams build do great work firsthand - only to have a problematic culture slowly erode all that was built. And while I'm uncertain if success and culture are 100% directly related, I can say that a good culture creates an environment that's much more disposed to long-term success. Culture won't fix a lack of talent, but it can definitely bring out more in people as well as create an inviting space to more easily recruit high-level talent.

    Don't let the cliché word-babble cause cynicism of the fundamental importance of strong leadership and a team culture that sets people up for success. The words will come and go, but those pillars won't.

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  • Posted to Is Abstract’s handoff tool ready to replace Zeplin?, Jan 05, 2019

    I think a lot of the final decision comes down to the depth of features you rely on daily. Are team members mainly checking for basic visual attributes (e.g, placement, color, type treatment, etc.)? If so, Abstract would likely do the trick. Zeplin has been at this game for a long time, so there's a lot of depth to their product. However, I'd be curious how critical a lot of those nitty-gritty features are to product teams.

    Have you talked to your dev team to see what the mission-critical features are within Zeplin that they depend on to get their job done? That seems like a pretty good way to determine the potential efficacy of Abstract.

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  • Posted to Is inspiration the designer's paid break?, in reply to John Doe , Dec 04, 2018

    Submitting content from your own blog/property is fraught with conflicts of interest. Given the nature of publishing at this point (DN not being the exception to this), it's hard to ignore and assume it's of an altruistic nature.

    If the content is worthy, readers will submit it.

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  • Posted to Is inspiration the designer's paid break?, Dec 04, 2018


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  • Posted to Atlassian and InVision announce partnership, Sep 05, 2018

    If there's one thing I'm certain of, it's that InVision and Atlassian are perfect for each other.

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  • Posted to How to Use Powerful Gestalt Principles in Design [with Infographic], Aug 08, 2018

    Can we please stop with the constant Toptal spam?

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