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  • Posted to Sketch 57 released, in reply to edd _.e , Aug 15, 2019

    Pew pew pew!

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  • Posted to Should designers think like engineers?, Jul 09, 2019

    Yes. As both, and specific to apps and UI, it's incredibly important to building and understanding a great, usable user interface.

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  • Posted to Mac Pro, in reply to Diego Lafuente , Jun 04, 2019

    Oh absolutely! I may have been exaggerating a bit, and when I look a little deeper, I'm more focused on criticizing Apple's MacBook lineup.

    Right now, you cannot buy a reasonably spec'd MacBook Pro with dedicated graphics without a TouchBar, something I'm finding more people around the web and in media do not want in their machines because of how disruptive they are to their work.

    You can't buy a MacBook Air with an i7 anymore. The only MacBook Pro without a TouchBar offers an outdated i7 that barely scratches the i5 offering, for hundreds more.

    Still, in the pricing arena, it's a real challenge to achieve a mid-range setup with Apple because they rely on external GPUs so much, and needing to buy an enclosure alone puts you above mid-range pricing.

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  • Posted to Mac Pro, in reply to Chris Johnston , Jun 04, 2019

    Very fair point, you're not wrong!

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  • Posted to Mac Pro, Jun 04, 2019

    Apple has no concept of a happy medium. You can either buy:

    1. Small: Shitty low-spec blob.
    2. Extra-Extra Large: Over the top machine that only 1% of its customers actually need.

    And the machines people do want (high spec MacBook Pros) come with TouchBars and whatever the hell else we don't want or need.

    Amazing machine. But why tho?

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  • Posted to Best App for Keeping Notes, in reply to Adam Fisher-Cox , Jun 03, 2019

    Understandable! It does have a hefty load time thanks to its web-based stack, but once up, things feel pretty zippy to me, but it definitely doesn't come close to our lovely native apps for sure. The tradeoff between cross-platform ease of development and product development versus 2-3 separate teams for different platforms (and higher cost for that).

    Crazy world of products we live in!

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  • Posted to Best App for Keeping Notes, in reply to Florian Grau , Jun 03, 2019

    All fair points! I've actually found Notion to be pretty performant considering it's written with the web stack and Electron (I'm assuming), but I understand. A lot of apps are going that route these days and you can feel it.

    I'm curious about what exactly is performing poorly in the app?

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  • Posted to Best App for Keeping Notes, in reply to Ivan Bjelajac , Jun 02, 2019

    Notion is an absolute delight to use on desktop and mobile. Highly recommend!

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  • Posted to Ongoing debate over new Figma UI, in reply to Ryan Mack , Apr 10, 2019

    Maybe a good solution would be to reveal the borders when you hover over the entire panel, not just the input element your cursor is over.

    The more I look at these side-by-sides, the borderless ones are immediately much easier to read and scan through if you're just viewing, but when interactivity is involved, I'd want borders to indicate where I can confidently click to change input.

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  • Posted to How to create clipped, blurred background images in CSS, Apr 08, 2019

    This is great! And +1 to talking about backdrop-filter. Hopefully more browsers will support and implement that. cough Firefox...

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