Apurv Ray

Apurv Ray

Sr. Interaction Designer Joined almost 9 years ago via an invitation from Sacha G.

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  • Posted to How do you design list views for larger screens ?, in reply to Lauren Golembiewski , Mar 20, 2017

    Amazing @Lauren ... Really Appreciate this :)

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  • Posted to What is one of the first things you ever designed?, Nov 17, 2016


    Got my hands on photoshop 7.1 demo (which didnt allow saving, so this is a screenshot of what i made) way back in 2006 ..... starting a chain reaction which has led me to become a UX Designer :)

    Still like it :)

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  • Posted to Adobe XD & Sketch déjà vu, in reply to Kyle Mitchell , Nov 17, 2016

    I agree with Kyle, sketch is definitely not the first to use that pattern, the OP insinuating that AdobeXD is copying sketch is ridiculous. Sketch might be under-dog in your eyes but that doesn't mean its all saintly. It learned form Photoshops features/mistakes and now Adobe XD is doing the same with them.

    @doug Stop being a jerk and hating Adobe just because they're a big corporation. Their contribution to software industry deserves some respect.

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  • Posted to How did you overcome your darkest days in your career? , Nov 14, 2016

    I was roped into leading design at a startup straight of out Graduate Design School and the pay was pretty decent so I took it. It was at their R&D office in India and I was coming out of a Design Strategy and Innovation masters plus a 6-month co-op in an innovation department at a large Italian company.

    The people at the company had no idea about what user-centered design means and would ignore all my suggestions and then when it didn't pan out with the executives in NYC would throw me under the bus. I had no way of escaping the chain of command in India nad convince people at the HQ and during the three months there I was at a very very dark place.

    I started questioning my own skills and everything design school and previous work experience had taught me. That is when I said enough and quit the job. It might have been a really juicy paycheck in India but if you don't get to the do the work that you love and became a designer for these reasons in the first place ... PLEASE LEAVE.

    No amount of money would restore your confidence if you let the incompetence of others damage it. If you're not happy, leave. Something better will always come along. Trust your guts.

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  • Posted to What is the best display alternative to the discontinued apple thunderbolt display? , Nov 14, 2016

    I recently bought the ASUS BL2711U for approx $700 CAD (~500 USD) and it seems great to me ... good enough color reproduction for UI design and 4k 60fps through mini display to display port cable ( cable not included with monitor ). I think its a good budget 27" 4k monitor.


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  • Posted to Ask DN : Am I unemployable ?, in reply to Glen Lipka , Jun 21, 2016

    I think .. thats the dropbox rendering issue can anyone download it and see if the problem persists.

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  • Posted to Ask DN : Am I unemployable ?, in reply to Eric Foster , Jun 21, 2016

    looks fine on mine .. lemme check. thanks for this guys.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Which app icon will college students prefer ? its a mobile payments app targetted at colleges., in reply to Bruno Abatti , Mar 31, 2015

    Thanks for the frank feedback. What about the concept which one seems to have the most potential ?

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Which app icon will college students prefer ? its a mobile payments app targetted at colleges., in reply to Ire Aderinokun , Mar 31, 2015

    Thanks Ire , will take it into consideration for the next iteration :)

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Who wants to be hired? (Feb 2015), Feb 12, 2015


    I'm looking for a job too !! I am currently in India but want to move out of India and do awesome stuff !! I am more inclined to work with product teams where some amount of research and iterative process will be involved.

    Location: Bangalore , India.

    Remote: Yes, But trips to HQ on a regular basis will keep me happy :)

    Relocate: Yes please. I have a B1/B2 for US would need sponsorship for on site work.

    Work History https://ca.linkedin.com/in/apurvray

    Skills: Product design UX research High Fidelity Prototyping Communicating with engineers and business

    Portfolio: www.apurvray.com

    Email: apurvrdx@gmail.com

    Twitter: @apurvrdx

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