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  • Posted to Hhhhold! 2, in reply to Andy Stewart , Oct 07, 2015

    Hi, sorry for the delay here. I haven't been able to get in touch with the guy that owns the domain, but you can try asking him on Twitter: @thisisjohnbrown

    Apologies for any trouble this may have caused

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  • Posted to Instead of buying a men’s shirt you’ll eventually throw out, put $30 here, in reply to Clay MacTavish , Oct 07, 2015

    It's unfortunate that you're casting feminism as a choice between being hip or not. It's a framing that diverts attention from the real issue and towards whether or not it's perceived to be cool to care about other people.

    But, yeah, being feminist is definitely hipper than dismissing feminists.

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  • Posted to Instead of buying a men’s shirt you’ll eventually throw out, put $30 here, in reply to Zach ⑊ , Oct 07, 2015

    One way to improve DN's demographics might be to design for the desired demographic rather than the one it has.

    It looks like a simple oversight to you because it completely conforms to you. It probably looks less like a simple oversight to those that can't participate. In fact, it might even look like a signal that they shouldn't be here, which is worth taking issue with.

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  • Posted to AMA: Chris Kalani — Ex-Facebook Designer / CEO of Wake, Aug 24, 2015

    I think Wake is great because it has hooks into my workflow. I probably wouldn't use it if I couldn't just claw a keyboard shortcut from Sketch which then pushes to Slack. I dig the interfacelessness of the whole thing. Also a big fan of the recent desktop notifications update so I can see when someone comments without looking at another app.

    Any thoughts on how you think about these kinds of workflow integrations? Can you do backflips or anything like that?

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  • Posted to Site Design: Allan Yu, in reply to wojtek w. , Apr 01, 2015

    Who cares if you hate this style? It's a personal website. If you truly must register an opinion why don't you at least frame it with something relevant beyond your personal whims? Why don't you like this site, specifically? What goals do you imagine it is trying to solve that it falls short of?

    You reduce design to aesthetics and personal opinion, and the people here prop you up (this currently has the most upvotes by a wide margin) because they get to feel superior about something. It's gross and it drags us all down.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Allan Yu, in reply to Eli Schiff , Apr 01, 2015

    Look at me, I have a keyboard.

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  • Posted to UX in Real Life: Login Walls, Oct 29, 2014

    This was not real life. Duped.

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  • Posted to has a pretty awesome log in page background, Oct 29, 2014

    This is super distracting. Coupled with all the bright colors in the actual, oddly off-center sign in area, this page is super confusing.

    A little restraint would go a long way here.

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  • Posted to Web design trends for 2015 that will change your job forever, Oct 27, 2014

    Dreamweaver is going to render you meaningless. A butterfly flapped its wings in Nova Scotia.

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  • Posted to Facebook's new app: Rooms, in reply to Dave Yurkanin , Oct 23, 2014

    Ha ha there are companies and categories.

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