Tyce Clee

New York, NY UI Engineer at Spotify NY Joined about 3 years ago via an invitation from Ben T.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Headshot on my resume? , in reply to Arix King , Mar 07, 2017

    "your physical appearance really shouldn't influence your hiring at all"

    1000% spot on.

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  • Posted to Mac Apps for Recording Screen?, in reply to Kamil Szklarczyk , Jan 23, 2017

    Definitely second the ease of use and fun of Kap. Really enjoying it so far!

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  • Posted to Good UI Developer Portfolios?, Dec 12, 2016

    Here's my portfolio (haven't touched it in a few months). Helped land a killer new role here in NYC (sticking to my guns as a UI engineer and not touching much JS at all).


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  • Posted to WTF NY Times, Oct 19, 2016

    Oh wow.. that's so bad.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Red Rooster Coffee, in reply to Cameron Rohani , Oct 18, 2016

    Can't. Stop. Lol'ing.

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  • Posted to Feedback for my video screencast turning a Dribbble design into HTML/CSS/JS, Oct 17, 2016

    Great stuff, Gil! I've been wanting to do something like this for a very, very long time.

    A few quick questions if that's ok:

    • Do you host the demo anywhere? You could use CodePen and the GhostPen plugin for Chrome to achieve a similar kind of experience for viewers
    • Did you use a semi professional microphone for any of the voice-over work?
    • What do you think of a few of us frontend devs doing the same design and comparing frontend results to see what worked, was more / less efficient etc?
    • Or would it be better to work on different designs and combine them into a channel? I'm keen to get involved!
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  • Posted to Ask DN: Can we please get rid of the utm_source from links?, Oct 03, 2016

    I always strip that from links and it's always annoying. HN doesn't bother with this, not sure why we do.

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  • Posted to Snap Inc., in reply to Rhys Merritt , Sep 25, 2016

    Works great in Chrome, good enough in Firefox (macOS Sierra) albeit with a small bug in the spherical video:

    Spectacles Firefox bug

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What are you reading?, Sep 18, 2016

    Masters of Doom

    Masters of Doom from David Kushner.

    Amazing I haven't read this yet but just can't put it down.

    Masters of Doom is the amazing true story of the Lennon and McCartney of video games: John Carmack and John Romero. Together, they ruled big business. They transformed popular culture. And they provoked a national controversy. More than anything, they lived a unique and rollicking American Dream, escaping the broken homes of their youth to produce the most notoriously successful game franchises in history—Doom and Quake— until the games they made tore them apart.

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  • Posted to Designer News Market is Coming to a Close, Sep 15, 2016

    Pretty great to see such honesty and transparency on something that didn't go quite right. Takes a lot of courage to acknowledge something like that and move on to greater things.

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