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  • Posted to iPhone 6s, in reply to Joey Di Nardo , Sep 10, 2015

    Just like other new stuff Apple has introduced before, the community will find the best/better ways to use the new technology. Apple just made this technology possible, but probably hasn't found the best usecases for it. Just compare it to the amout of iOS features that came out of the jailbreak community. Or what happened with the Apple Watch.

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  • Posted to If you see them misquoting Steve Jobs, they blew it., Sep 10, 2015

    I think that the usecases of a stylus in 2007 compared to the usecases in 2015 are very different. The "traditional" stylus was mainly used to navigate through the interface. With the new technology, this Pencil wil primarily be used to write and draw. Not to navigate.

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  • Posted to Another Unsolicited Hacker News Redesign, Nov 09, 2014

    Had a comment, but I was wrong.

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  • Posted to Safari V.S. Chrome, in reply to Phil Rau , Sep 20, 2014

    Exactly. I know that preview isn't able to handle CMYK well. Photoshop does.

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  • Posted to Airbnb Redesign, Jul 17, 2014

    Anybody noticed that Automation Anywhere has the same logo?

    Automation anywhere:


    Btw, I came across both through the top stories here at DN.

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  • Posted to A comparison of the same site as made by design conscious people and heedless people, Jul 13, 2014

    Just for the record, the T4P website was originally made by the original Popcorn Time devs. The T4P devs took the design and added some stuff to it.

    I think the "new" website of the official Popcorn Time is not really good. Just as Jeremy said, it doesn't even show an image of the actual product.

    When you compare the two applications though, It's clear who puts more thought into the design. The official Popcorn Time. (Although I think it's still far from perfect)

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  • Posted to How did you get your first big client/project? , Jul 12, 2014

    Most of my clients I had was through my network.

    The thing is, in the beginning, every new client is a 'big' client for you. Starting off with small clients is a good way to get a portfolio(website). When people liked your service, they will tell others.

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  • Posted to Agencies/Shops in Portland?, Jul 02, 2014

    Also The Brigade is based in Portland.

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