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Joseph Barrientos

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  • Posted to Whats the most important part of packaging design?, Mar 18, 2019

    The best/most effective package design i've had in the past is always packaging that relates to what I'm opening, The branding is sync'd with the product and everything feels like it belongs.

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  • Posted to The one design tool you can’t afford to live without, Mar 18, 2019


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  • Posted to Does anybody use SCRUM for design? , Mar 01, 2019

    we use it but not correctly, design sprints should at the least be 1 sprint ahead, but with so much crazyness going on in my office i'm lucky to finish the sprint design the day before planning

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  • Posted to With screen sizes increasing should we design for 360 * 640 as the new default for mobile screen width rather than 320?, Mar 01, 2019

    really depends on your users and use cases. I havent designed for 320 in about 2 years. Not because we don't have 320px phone users, but because the number is so small and because android is pretty good about resizing.

    Now, if your target audience is outside of the US and using more dated or lowend phones, then its something you might want to continue doing.

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  • Posted to Gmail Big Redesign for iOS and Android, Feb 07, 2019

    not a fan. even with a dark theme coming out i think this will still cause too much strain. the thin font, thin line icons and over use of white space is annoying. Its not annoying that they want to include more whitespace, its annoying that they designed the app around that idea.

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  • Posted to Design examples for pre-filtering search results?, Feb 07, 2019

    I agree with Jon, large marketplaces do a great job of dividing up content. Take the app or play store for example, there are over 20 categories with at least 3-5 sub categories within. I would avoid most ecom driven examples but media would probably do well (videos, news, music etc)

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  • Posted to Stop showing design options and commit, in reply to Stuart McCoy , Dec 06, 2018

    Perhaps he wants to be wow'd. Contrary to popular belief design isn't a plug and play career. UX can be looked at as a science but anything visual always comes with a designers interpretation of the problem and their own solution.

    personally i tend to design as many options as possible, exhaust myself and present those I feel most comfortable with. Especially in product design, some times there are multiple solutions and they're all subjective(until tested and proven otherwise).

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  • Posted to Where can I find affordable developers as a UI designer?, Nov 08, 2018

    I'd love to hear an answer to this as well!

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  • Posted to Sketch ignorance, Jun 17, 2015

    i did a long time ago. worth it. if you're doing user flows, ux, ui, anything other than actually editing photos, i say make the switch. the program so so much quicker, its easy to learn and the precision is great.

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