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Joseph Barrientos

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  • Posted to Why do you think this community has died?, May 24, 2019

    a lot of reasons as everyone else has already stated but one of my personal things I see is people posting links or designs but not adding any form of context or follow up comment to it. Basically just a link, which doesn't really open the room to conversation nor do you tell me why I should look at your link.

    Post your work, tell me what was difficult, what you want advice on, anything, just actually say something. I'm tired of the circle jerking of dribbble and the wastelands of DN.

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  • Posted to What do you guys think of my portfolio?, May 23, 2019

    I appreciate the amount of content and everything being laid out nicely however I think theres a bit of an inbalance. On a few pages the copy is larger and stands out more than the designs (should never be the case). I also feel like the layout/design is a little distracting throughout some of the pages. The use of that font and specific colors make it hard to focus on some pages when i'm really just trying to observe the work. nice job so far

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  • Posted to Sketch 55, in reply to Gavin Anthony , May 23, 2019

    im really looking forward to their main release this summer, the features are looking pretty promising. Hoping to lessen some of my work process thru different apps

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  • Posted to Sketch 55, in reply to John P , May 22, 2019

    That makes sense for major releases, or for new products but when its passed off more as a bug fix release its silly to be running into these issues. I'm spending almost twice the amount of time in sketch right now just to make sure all of the spacing is accurate. Removing tons of decimals from artboards is not the business

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  • Posted to What do you guys think of my portfolio?, May 20, 2019

    I've having trouble reading titles both in the header and throughout the page. The text being slight grey, resting on white/grey imagery makes it a little difficult to read, especially in the "spending most of my free time..."

    Layout and order seem nice and well spaced. As mentioned before as well, some generic feeling images but otherwise solid man

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  • Posted to New Portfolio: Design thoughts or feedback?, Apr 30, 2019

    well done, really like the overall aesthetic. Definitely gives off a branding/visual focus.

    I only have a small little nitpicky comment as for notes. There are a few elements on the site that move/interact on hover but offer no additional interaction. The colors, upon moving my cursor over them I immediately thought I could save or expand/view more within that color. The same goes for the about section, I thought that the categories "branding, consulting, web etc" were clickable and would take me to those specific categories.

    Really like the layout of the projects, like I said, just something nitpicky from me

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  • Posted to Interaction Design Inspiration – Apr 2019, in reply to Crispo Colombo , Apr 16, 2019

    pretty much how i feel when looking on dribbble. I go for inspo but take everything I see with a grain of salt knowing my dev team and my users would hate me if I implemented a lot of what we see for the sake of adding it.

    I also have a gripe about dribbble comments but thats a whole other issue lol

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  • Posted to Will the UX/UI job title ever die?, Apr 15, 2019

    I hope it does but for now it wont. Its mostly just used as a term to show that you're multifunctional. I've said it multiple times but always follow with (i lean heavier on the UI side). I think if I just state that I'm primarily a UI or Visual designer, there is a little bit of disdain from a lot of people here in the valley, almost as if its a JR or intern position not worthy of a title like UX designer.

    I think as companies focus more on design and hire specific UX and UI designers as separate roles, we will move away from all encompassing titles.

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  • Posted to Designers who are 40 plus, how are you..., Apr 10, 2019

    so glad you asked this. I'm a senior designer at 26 with 6+ years in the industry already, and I find myself thinking often if this is the role i'm going to be doing for the next 20, or even 10 years. Its nice to see the more experienced designers take and plans thru it all, I love what I do but idk if I love it enough for 40 more years of it

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  • Posted to Does anybody use SCRUM for design? , in reply to Jennifer Nguyen , Apr 04, 2019

    sorry i barely seen this

    basically a design sprint consists of getting your project requirements and jira stories and fleshing that work out. We try to be 1 cycle a head of devs and product is 2 cycles ahead of testing. This gives us time to implement any hotfixes we need before going GA.

    Some sprints are more research and testing focuses while others are just making sure features have designs ready

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