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  • Posted to Timeline by Anima, Jan 02, 2018

    Umm has you guys tried the workflow of importing your gif animation into InVision for UI animation? If you guys can do that smoothly, I will buy it. This is basically my biggest pain point of the Sketch to inVison workflow. For UI animation I have to port my design to PS or Principle to create gif then upload.

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  • Posted to Product design, here is how you get some love from your Eng team, in reply to Andrew Richardson , Jan 02, 2018

    @Andrew thanks so much for sharing your experience! I total knows the feeling of "hey, can't you f-ing tell this new design is a 500% improvement from the current?" then your colleague just you that "unimpressed" look. =P Would you mind saying more about how you establish trust with people you work with?

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  • Posted to A great polling tool every designer should be using, it’s fast and free..., in reply to Dirk HCM van Boxtel , Apr 26, 2017

    Dude, only thing I can say is this is my real account and this is the only comment I post regarding this app. And it's my real experience using the product. This is not Reddit, what's the point of faking it? I hate fake comments too, but I also hate self-proclaimed justice.

    You know what, putting my career on the line here. Feel free to message me on LinkedIn to see I am real or fake.

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  • Posted to A great polling tool every designer should be using, it’s fast and free..., Apr 26, 2017

    Disclaimer: I know the creator.

    So at its current state, I think it's a decent tool for visual design poll. It reminds me a great app called Polar (talent acquisition by Google then shutdown I think?). The community is friendly and gave some good feedback on design options. Me personally is not a very good visual designer. So reading some comments of visual designers critique the 2 options, do help me learn some good visual design principles with real example.

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