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Laszlo Schelhammer

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  • Posted to Imaging for Science and Life: How to Design for a Medical Company?, Jun 11, 2021

    Mediso Medical Imaging Systems with headquarters in Budapest is a dynamic supplier of Nuclear Medicine and modern Hybrid Imaging techniques to the health care and medical research institutions of the world.

    The design challenge in one sentence: bringing Mediso's branding and digital presence to the 21st century.

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  • Posted to Case Study: Designing Film Moon – an international matchmaking platform for film makers and festivals, Jun 08, 2021

    Time is very precious for filmmakers, and finding the most relevant festivals to submit their films to can be very time-consuming and exhausting. This process has to be as efficient as possible, so filmmakers can devote more time and energy to their creative work. Organizing a festival is complex and often managed by one person, but currently there’s not a single versatile platform that can be used to successfully manage this task.

    We designed a platform that connects filmmakers and film festivals. It allows filmmakers to create a profile for their film, gain exposure, browse a huge database of films & festivals, with a filter that helps them find the most suitable festivals. Festivals can use the platform to manage and organize their event as well as browse the database. Film Moon is for all film professionals – producers, directors, programmers, for anyone who might take part in managing a film or festival.

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  • Posted to Case Study: Redesigning – the most visited HR Portal of Hungary, Jun 04, 2021

    Profession didn't change significantly in 15 years of being active. They wanted to get a fresh look for the 2020's that their users will like. The P lettermark was there to stay, yet we had several shots on the redesign. We created more than 40 variations in several directions. At the very end, Profession let their audience choose the best one. is a huge platform and massive database with tons of functions and subpages. We came up with some simple rules and a framework on how to change the visuals of all these pages without the complexity of rebuilding all of these parts from the ground up. We agreed on shipping these pages fast, and reiterate and enhance them later on the go. To this day we are continually improving these enhancements, in collaboration with the Profession team.

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  • Posted to enHome redesign (original concept), Dec 20, 2019

    Back in 2017 we were asked to redesign the IA, UX and UI for enHome, an ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ company group member specializing in turn-key solar solutions. Although it is one of the most significant electricity and gas suppliers in Hungary today, the ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ company group also invests in renewable energy sources like electric car charging and solar panels. Our goal was to create a recognizable, competitive site in the solar industry.

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  • Posted to e-Mobility Network redesign (original concept), Dec 16, 2019

    We have been asked to redo the IA, UX and UI design for Hungary’s biggest public electric car charging network. The network is run by the ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ company group, one of the most significant electricity and gas supplier enterprise in the country today. Our aim was to create something fresh and easy-to-use while we also had to keep in mind the company’s brand site and the overall appearance of the innogy family.

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  • Posted to New information architecture and UX/UI redesign for a big electricity and gas supplier company, Oct 03, 2018

    Let me know what you think about the design. The weird looking language is Hungarian :D

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