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  • Posted to Seattle Kraken Hockey, Jul 23, 2020

    Also, design work done in-house at Adidas I believe by Andrew Harrington, and Beeman Design

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  • Posted to Seattle Kraken Hockey, Jul 23, 2020

    stunning identity work, Kraken has lots of potential designwise....... only thing is, this doesn't say hockey to me anywhere? no sticks? pucks? Not a hint? Wouldn't that help you promote if there was a hint rather than have to do so much work now to drill into the public's head that this is a new hockey franchise from seattle?

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  • Posted to Virtual post-its?, May 27, 2020

    google keep has the post-it feel....

    Seen alot of talk about Notion, but not sure if it's the same feel and maybe overkill but it does notes....

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  • Posted to How to... Helvetica, May 07, 2020

    just in case wasn't clear, this is a joke ;) some design humour to mix it up around here

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  • Posted to Yes & No, Apr 30, 2020


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  • Posted to “The title ‘Front-End Developer’ is obsolete.”, Apr 29, 2020

    hola, ya, this wasn't a share trying to promote any kind of opinion/outrage, more of a thought-provoker. A reminder of the notion often stated the last few years that "Front-End" has become increasingly complex and the associated positions/roles often bring with them a much wider scope of tasks due to the complex nature of newer web stack technologies and their interplay (for better or worse.... arguably more power to individuals working in 'front-end' but also more pile on and stress perhaps )

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  • Posted to Kyle Conrad. Design + Code + Identity., Apr 28, 2020

    congrats. and thanks for the little behind the scenes info on what was involved. The case studies are enormous and in-depth. It loads blazing fast of course anyways.

    actually I got a bit lost in the site once I was in it. The main page is one giant page of all the content, but also can break off into the individual case studies on their own? I got lost trying to find my way back and never noticed the 'About'/didn't know how to navigate to it.

    Maybe just looking for a way to 'get back to the top'

    Congrats again, work & history are super impressive don't get me wrong!

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  • Posted to Eva Cremers - 3D Illustrator Interactive Portfolio, Apr 27, 2020

    fun/intense site by Studio Strindemarks

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  • Posted to Just launched a side project! Wrk: a simple hiring solution for small teams., Apr 27, 2020

    post as a link instead of a story!

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