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  • Posted to Jony Ive Interview - Apple, Influence, and Ive, May 10, 2018

    I really liked this insight into the design of the Apple Watch. It has been the same industrial design since it launched, so it would be cool to see a wider range of what it could be.

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  • Posted to Button's shouldn't have a hand cursor (part 2), in reply to Joshua Turner , Apr 13, 2018

    Yes, this!

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  • Posted to New iPad, in reply to Shane McCleery , Mar 27, 2018

    My guess is that would the idea behind a future iPad Pro, this is just the entry level model.

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  • Posted to Light Phone 2, Mar 05, 2018

    I like the general idea, but I don't really want to spend money on yet another device.

    Being more self-aware about device usage is probably a more realistic approach. That balance is different for everyone though.

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  • Posted to Finding Dead CSS, in reply to Brandon Zell , Jan 29, 2018

    Right, I get it now. That would make sense.

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  • Posted to Finding Dead CSS, in reply to Chris Gallello , Jan 25, 2018

    Yes that, and what about your CSS styles that already need background-image? That's where this technique breaks down.

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  • Posted to macOS High Sierra Dashboard Design, Dec 20, 2017

    Now there's something I haven't seen in awhile... An artifact from a different time.

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  • Posted to Formula 1 unveils new identity, Nov 27, 2017

    So I am a big F1 fan... and I have to say I kinda like this. The highest level of racing should be over the top and futuristic. The past branding feels too understated now.

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  • Posted to Kickstarter's new design, brutalist or minimalist?, Nov 20, 2017

    To me, brutalist web design should look like you barely have a stylesheet.

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  • Posted to Skeuomorphic Design — A controversial UX approach that is making a comeback, Nov 20, 2017

    Skeuomorphic design in the sense of borrowing real life objects and mimicking them in UI is something that won't go away. The analog style watch face on the Apple Watch is a good example. It is not bound by the construction of a round, analog watch, but it is something familiar. Same with calculator interfaces.

    Highly rendered interfaces with shadows and textures, however, do feel dated in my opinion. That style of design was a passing trend from a few years ago. That being said, some trends can come back around in the future...

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