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  • Posted to Is DN becoming a place for spam?, in reply to George Brown , Nov 27, 2018

    This topic actually showed up on musli, invisions paste board and it must have caught their eye. DN biggest advertiser.

    This answers my thoughts that DN is basically dead. It’s run purely for profit. Not the community.

    So what now? Quote Bender and say “I'm Going To Build My Own Theme Park With Blackjack and Hookers”.

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  • Posted to Is DN becoming a place for spam?, in reply to Ken Em , Nov 27, 2018

    Great minds think alike.

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  • Posted to Is it just me, or the dark theme on Mojave really sucks?, in reply to Alfred Lee , Oct 01, 2018

    well spotted! thanks!

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  • Posted to Semplice logo redesign, in reply to Yasen Dimov , Aug 03, 2018

    nice spotting!

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  • Posted to UI Motion Kit 20+ delightful UI animations for After Effects, Jul 18, 2018

    This is clearly self-promotion. Be more upfront in your title and include a description and explain the product. This is why this ad post has 0 comments and the 2 ranks you have are obviously you and your partner.

    I'm not dissing the product. Just this technique of advertising on DN. Your advertising to your own here. We aren't drongos. This post is borderline "Unacceptable Content, Spam (defined as such per moderators discretion)"

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  • Posted to Experiences with switching from Adobe to Affinity, Jul 18, 2018

    Been using Affinity as the go-to since Designer v1.5. The only downside I found is the warp tools that Ai has, Designer doesn't have them and I end up loading Ai to make specific shapes. For example a zig-zag/wave lines. Hopefully Designer will get these warping tools soon and then I'm dropping Adobe pronto.

    As for performance, Designer wins hands down. After learning the UI and shortcuts, I feel I work faster and easier in Designer. Small things like the transparency gradient tool and the curved edge tool. My faves.

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  • Posted to Figma launches 3.0 with Styles, upgraded Prototyping, and a new Organization tier, in reply to Robin Goyal , Jun 22, 2018

    Actually, this would be good/great/amazing. Having to resync design in a .ppt/.pdf every time a PM decides last minute to add a new feature is a pain. Would love to create a presentation in Figma that I can share using the latest design.

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  • Posted to Announcing Framer X — React, meet design, in reply to ja krish , Jun 14, 2018

    You're right. I was fighting a caped badass, but then we discovered that his mom is named Martha, too.

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  • Posted to Announcing Framer X — React, meet design, in reply to Kirill Zakharov , Jun 14, 2018

    fixes table

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  • Posted to I updated my Figma design system with recent material 2018 guidelines, in reply to Ken Em , Jun 01, 2018

    Same, seen this way too many times on DN. If you put a price on it it will be reported as spam! This type of shitposting-advertising has to stop.

    If this is an ad, then pay DN to place an ad. They provide a platform. Use it. Don't try to 'work the system'.

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