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  • Posted to ASK: What's the size of design team in your company?, Jun 25, 2019

    Everyone is a designer.

    But no really it's just me. 30 or so people in the company.

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  • Posted to Any designers using Framer X? Why or why not?, in reply to Ben Grace , Jun 21, 2019

    I don't have early access, but I've been following the development closely and I like the way the creators are approaching it.

    I agree HTML and CSS are much lower barriers to entry, and nothing guarantees React is here to stay (looks over React's shoulder at Svelte meme).

    The one thing tools built on HTML and CSS can't do as well as custom rendering tools like Figma and Sketch is render many pages or artboards at once. That being said I think that's ok as long as switching between pages and page states is easy.

    I'm not looking for a tool that gives me production ready code, but one that lets me actually define the DOM structure and CSS using a GUI and/or straight code so that developer handoff is more accurate, and I get all the benefits of web rendering out of the box like independent borders, box-model, flex/grid, etc.

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  • Posted to Any designers using Framer X? Why or why not?, Jun 20, 2019

    It has some great ideas, but is still too reliant on React.

    I must sound like a broken record about this but I think Modulz is approaching this from a much better perspective in terms of a design tool built on actual HTML and CSS rendering.

    I don't think Figma and Sketch realize how hard it is going to be for them to catch up when a tool can do basic things like have a button resize based on its content without a brittle plugin. Also you will get much better dev handoff out of the box with a tool based on HTML and CSS, so Framer X has that going for it already.

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  • Posted to Designers, do you see eye floaters?, Jun 11, 2019

    I have them, but only really notice when looking at a bright sky or screen and don't have anything distracting me. They can be fun to bounce around your field of vision and watch the stringier ones fold over themselves.

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  • Posted to The Mac Pro icon in the Apple store is a mess, in reply to Jordan Little , Jun 05, 2019

    You are very right, but I've given up on trying to get designers to care about stuff like this unless they work directly under me.

    I've even gotten a misaligned logo from a brand agency during a rebrand. Unfortunately attention to detail like this is just not taught in school, and isn't emphasized in a lot of the online resources people use to learn design.

    Everyone is always trying to teach far too abstract concepts, or teach the specific UI of a specific version of one tool, rather than teach designers to sweat the details regardless of what tool you are using.

    Considering it's usually only some other designers who notice details like this (on a conscious level), it's hard to enforce such rigor and attention to detail in a large company like Apple.

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  • Posted to Pro Display XDR, in reply to Roel van Hintum , Jun 05, 2019

    Yeah but software is rarely going to be seen on such a fancy display anyway, so it is actually better to design on a more consumer monitor since you are going to see a representation of what most people will be seeing.

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  • Posted to Pro Display XDR, in reply to Roel van Hintum , Jun 04, 2019

    I looked it up yesterday and most of the cinema-grade reference monitors are at least $10k and many over $20k.

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  • Posted to Mac Pro, in reply to Andy Merskin , Jun 04, 2019

    Honestly the touchbar has grown on me once I forced myself to use it. Now that I have my Macbook propped up on a stand with an external monitor, I can see and reach the touchbar easily and it makes a number of things faster once you get used to it.

    Particularly things like confirmation buttons, hidden UI controls, or other things that would require hunting around with my mouse on both monitors or remembering a new set of keyboard shortcuts, more often now I find them right there in the touchbar.

    The only thing that regularly annoys me about it is the escape button not being physical, and that's just a matter of tactile satisfaction.

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  • Posted to How to be super productive as a digital nomad running a startup and raising kids, in reply to Bevan Stephens , May 25, 2019

    I just said I was guilty of it too., my whole point was that we need to get past proving we are better than each other and instead provide real advice and criticism for people so they know what to do better next time.

    How did we get to the point where we just shit on people who have good intentions and want to help others.

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  • Posted to Introducing, in reply to N B , May 25, 2019

    Small note, there is a type in the world unlimted, should be unlimited.

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