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  • Posted to 60GS - CSS Grid Layout , Jun 12, 2018

    You're missing out on some unique documentation if you don't check out the readme:

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  • Posted to What was your first design tool? This one was mine., Jun 10, 2018

    I'm pretty sure it was HyperStudio on the Mac in 4th grade back in the 90s.

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  • Posted to Xbox Adaptive Controller, May 18, 2018

    One of the finest things Microsoft has ever done, and quite possibly their best product marketing website so far. Well done.

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  • Posted to Maze now supports Marvel prototypes!, May 18, 2018

    Really fantastic website! Surprised I haven't heard of Maze before, will definitely check it out.

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  • Posted to Meet Hadron. A tool that makes design with code easy and visual, May 09, 2018

    This is the direction we need to go with tooling, although it will be great if it isn't tied to only Polymer. It seems like their "engines" concept might allow for using Vue or React in the future.

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  • Posted to Meet Hadron. A tool that makes design with code easy and visual, in reply to Mike Stevenson , May 09, 2018

    It looks like this might provide a slightly closer to the code experience than Webflow does just judging by product screenshots.

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  • Posted to Mark Zuckerberg's Hearing at the Congress Live Stream , in reply to Clarissa H. , Apr 10, 2018

    I mean is anything an acceptable excuse at this level?

    I just find it sad that people will take his stupidity from when he was 20 and apply it to who he is as a person now. I'm sure many of those same people are embarrassed by things they did in college as well and wouldn't want it to represent who they are today.

    That being said I would never have made a rating system for women at my school, but I also know perfectly decent people today who were much more blatantly misogynistic in college but grew into kinder and more empathetic people as they aged.

    It would probably do Zuckerberg a world of PR good if he actually acknowledged those past mistakes.

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  • Posted to Apple says New Mac Pro coming in 2019, in reply to Todd Cantley , Apr 10, 2018

    I'm not sure how the touchbar is less accurate? You can do more subtle changes on the touchbar than with a physical key which changes the value in relatively large iterations.

    I have heard about the keyboard getting sticky for some people. I haven't had the issue myself but I'm not surprised that a new keyboard type has some growing pains. The first version of the unibody Macbook Pro from a few years ago also had some issues that were ironed out. It's the risk of buying first generation of new hardware.

    I agree about magsafe, but to be honest I never actually tripped over my laptop cord. I think it was more of a nice thought than a necessity.

    The iPhone thing was annoying for me too, but so was the first iMac when it replaced all serial ports with USB-A only. Everyone complained about it then, but now we are thankful Apple pushed so hard for universal USB (and then went stupid with Firewire).

    I see this following the same pattern as most Apple product releases. We just quickly forget how annoying the first iteration of a product was (remember the first iPad?).

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  • Posted to Mark Zuckerberg's Hearing at the Congress Live Stream , Apr 10, 2018

    I'm happy we are finally having a serious conversation about this stuff, I do wish it didn't come with so many assumptions that the people behind tech companies are purely evil, greedy, malicious, and without redeeming qualities.

    I have my criticisms of the tech super-elite like Zuckerberg or Musk, but I do not think they are evil people. I think in many cases they were naive and shortsighted, but I think many of their critics would have made similar mistakes in their shoes.

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  • Posted to Mark Zuckerberg's Hearing at the Congress Live Stream , in reply to John P , Apr 10, 2018

    I would generally agree that there is some hypocrisy here, however comparing how the Obama campaign or the SNP used Facebook to how Facebook was used to sow discord and blatantly false information in the 2016 election is kind of absurd.

    Not the same at all.

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