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  • Posted to 14 designers helped us make sense of data from 6M design files, in reply to Marc Edwards , Apr 19, 2019

    I don’t think that’s a fair judgment to make when so many people would agree with the quoted statement. There’s reasons most people don’t use Illustrator for web design, and in my experience most designers have little understanding about color management unless working in print. That doesn’t mean they are right to be ignorant of it, but there are still successful product designers using tools built specifically for product design without thinking about color management.

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  • Posted to Rollie – Spending Tracker, Apr 19, 2019

    I love this. It's mind-blowing to me that I haven't been able to find an automatic spend tracking tool that has rolling 1-day, 7-day, month summaries, and I've been looking for one better than Mint for years.

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  • Posted to 14 designers helped us make sense of data from 6M design files, in reply to Marc Edwards , Apr 19, 2019

    I don't think they are saying don't use Illustrator for icons, I think they are saying it is not really great at the actual layout and interface part of UI design. As someone who started their web design career using Illustrator since using Photoshop was such a nightmare, I am very familiar with what it does better than the old tools and what it does far worse than the new tools.

    This all touches back on the really weird argument people have over when/where you are allowed to say a tool is better than another. People get so sensitive when you suggest a better tool, but sometimes IT REALLY IS BETTER. You wouldn't paint a skyscraper with a toothbrush would you?

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  • Posted to 2.0, in reply to Alexander J. O'Connell , Apr 16, 2019

    Yes, I should have added that I think the actual new site is fantastic, as is a lot of the content. It's a bit frustrating when I don't feel the same way about the new Figma UI haha.

    Speaking of marketing to paying customers, Invision took the same route and now they are increasingly seen as an annoyance in your Inbox and are beginning to fall behind in terms of their actual products. Sometimes we sacrifice too much at the alter of marketing "efficiency".

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  • Posted to 2.0, in reply to Corey Ward , Apr 15, 2019

    I did, but 3 people completely assigned to a design system for a relatively simply marketing site is way more resources than I have ever had. Design systems for web applications are significantly more complex, more difficult to maintain, and need to work for numerous developers who you can't all train to perfection. Additionally most designers and developers don't want to learn high quality HTML and CSS so you don't even have a shared language to use to onboard future designers or developers.

    There is little tooling to do system consistency checks within a tool like Figma, and none of it is translatable to any tools for doing automatic PR reviews of code, so I am also the person who has to review every PR that touches HTML/CSS.

    The whole conversation around Design Systems seems so disconnected from the people who need them most and have the least resources to implement them. Similarly to how Invision as a company simply does not speak to me as a designer anymore. It's all become super corporate.

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  • Posted to 2.0, in reply to Toni Gemayel , Apr 15, 2019

    Great to hear, I want to see more writing catered to overworked and stressed individual designers, which is the typical situation for startups <30 people.

    I also want to see more tooling for documenting components between HTML, CSS, React Components, and Figma (or other design tools) components. The new ZeroHeight Figma integration is great, but something about it still feels very manual and I think this is inherently due to Figma being build in a different medium than the web.

    I mean there is literally no way I can cleanly connect CSS :hover styles to a component instance with hover styling in Figma (ugh give us actual component states with built-in interactions like touch and hover PLEASE). I really like Figma, particularly after using Sketch for a couple years, but I have a strong feeling I will be dropping it for something like Modulz or Hadron in the near future. It just doesn't fit into the web design workflow as well as I would like it to, it's made for people who don't know HTML and CSS.

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  • Posted to 2.0, Apr 15, 2019

    EDIT: I should add I think the new site is awesome, Inter is looking great, and it doesn't feel like "just-another-corporate-blog". Back to my original comment:

    I wonder if there will be any articles not catered to massive design teams and companies with too many resources that they don't know what to do with.

    I'm usually the only designer at any startup I work at. If I'm lucky I'll get a visual designer to work on marketing stuff. Yet because of all this writing about design systems it builds an expectation that every company should have a system of the same level of quality and capability.

    I went to a Design Systems meetup which was fun, but there were people talking about how hard it was to make a design system with "only" 5 designers on their team. Do you know what I could do with 5 designers at my disposal!?

    Sometimes I feel like 90% of this would become irrelevant if just designers AND developers took the time to properly learn CSS, the language we actually share between the disciplines.

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  • Posted to Ongoing debate over new Figma UI, in reply to Sacha Greif , Apr 10, 2019

    Eli Schiff does not approve of your trust:

    He doesn't reply to me on Twitter anymore because I kept teasing him about his politics (I don't block people on Twitter), but I do tend to agree with his take on things like this.

    Our obsession with being nice to a fault means it's difficult to have real conversations about the value and process of redesigns like this. I don't want to hurt the feelings of the designers who worked on this, but I also want to make it clear that this is not just standard backlash to any kind of change.

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  • Posted to Ongoing debate over new Figma UI, in reply to Ryan Mack , Apr 09, 2019

    I think the Figma team is great and their hard work shows, but I am beginning to believe that at a core level attempting to recreate the environments you are designing for will always fall behind a tool that works in the environment you are designing for.

    I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years there is a large switch for web designers from tools like Sketch/Figma to tools like Modulz, Hadron, Webflow, etc. and eventually the same thing will happen for native designers.

    Trying to recreate all these web features in Canvas means you will always be a step behind a tool built with HTML and CSS.

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  • Posted to Ongoing debate over new Figma UI, in reply to Ryan Mack , Apr 09, 2019

    Generally I agree, but it is frustrating that they essentially gave the UI a new coat of paint without actually addressing any of the major issues and missing features we have been asking for. So when that coat of paint doesn't seem to make much sense and isn't explained beyond "we needed to refresh and we tested it" it can be worrisome.

    I still can't search my layers panel for a specific element, and now the layers panel is lower contrast, smaller text, and deeper indentations than before so what was already difficult is even more difficult now.

    I can't recreate my web designs 1:1 with Figma because it does not have box-shadow spread, single edge borders, content that resizes elements, etc. I want to see that team effort and money going into things that will keep Figma competitive into the future. I switched from Sketch to Figma for some very good reasons, but I am already beginning to look at tools like Modulz or Hadron because they reflect a more modern view of design and they actually work the way the web does.

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