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David Blum

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  • Posted to How I increased my creative output 150% by simply changing the way I sleep, Apr 29, 2015

    This sounds insane! Travis: my english is not the best. But maybe you mentioned that this sleeping concept isn't working in a relationship?

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  • Posted to Mac email client. What's your choice?, Jan 20, 2015

    Apple Mail. Tested all the Alternatives but they are feeling all buggy or slow or have too much UX fails in it.

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  • Posted to DN Paper 1.3 Update, in reply to Matt Cole , Nov 04, 2014

    Awesome. Just switched now to your app for DN.

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  • Posted to 7 Tips for Sketch Users, Sep 24, 2014

    Workflow improvements are always very interesting. Also:

    • working with larger files
    • howto manage styles
    • best way to use symbols
    • etc
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  • Posted to Task management in apps, Sep 24, 2014

    I just asked a very similar question here. I'm also interested in answers 'bout your questions.


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  • Posted to Does Originality Even Matter in Web Design?, Sep 22, 2014

    My short answer to the title of the article is: «Yes, it does matter». But I can follow the thoughts of the author. And I think he has to change the way he works for clients to get happy again. This kind of thinking can be the result of the ugly race of money.

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  • Posted to What's on your SketchApp whish list?, Sep 16, 2014
    • Independent scaleable symbol instances

    • shared layers (shareable to selected artboards / pages)

    • detacheable palettes / panels

    • setting for interface brightnesd

    • self defined / editable shortcuts

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  • Posted to DesignersMX is back, Sep 16, 2014

    Yess. Finally. Love it!

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  • Posted to I fixed the Sketch video, Sep 12, 2014

    like it!

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  • Posted to Adobe MUSE... Opinions !?, Sep 11, 2014

    Hi Federico,

    I used Adobe Muse a lot in the last months and I have to say, that the developpers did a great job since Adobe Muse was an Air (Flash) Application. Now they ported all in a native app and it feels very good and also fast for bigger sites.

    I used Muse in a lot of projects for... prototyping! Its the best application to do fast and efficient rapid prototypes. Especially for graphic designers who knows InDesign its a very powerful tool.

    I also did some HiRes Mockups with Muse (Assets in Photoshop, Speccing with Frontify) - no problem! As long as you don't use the exported code for real and just for prototyping its a very cool tool.

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