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  • Posted to 2018 Design Trends – A free course by Flywheel!, Feb 08, 2018

    "By stripping away reality and focusing on a futuristic world, your users will hyperdrive right into a land of possibilities."

    Bla bla bla...

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  • Posted to WTF PROJECT?, Jan 30, 2018

    Love the colors!

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  • Posted to Workplace Hygiene in Sketch, in reply to Tony Gines , Jan 09, 2018

    Fair point – I should probably mention the existence of version control tools for Sketch. However, since I haven't used Abatract (or even seen it being used) in any production projects yet, my impression was that it isn't that widespread yet. On top of that, the point I'm trying to make in the article is that it's always a good idea to keep your work environment in order, even if you have tools that automate certain tasks and workflows for you.

    In any case, sorry for making you cringe. ;)

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  • Posted to Who serves whom, Jan 05, 2018

    Well-written considerations about a future that is already here, scary and exciting at the same time. Unfortunately it won't faze the vast majority of people who are mindlessly feeding the networks with ever more detailed information about themselves.

    It's like discussing the latest Black Mirror season amongst a group of computer scientists and media theorists: They understand the implications of what they do online, and hence have (most likely) their guards up. But the majority of people on this planet doesn't, and they can't even fathom what could possibly go wrong with posting, tagging, logging and tweeting every aspect of their lives.

    AI will influence our everyday life more and more. The big divide will run between those who learned how to manage and negotiate their relationship with the machines, and those who simply don't care.

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  • Posted to Gooey Switch - Radio Button, Jan 03, 2018

    Design Trend 2018: Fat UI

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  • Posted to Sketch 48, Dec 07, 2017

    Artboard labels running into each other is kinda annyoing.. any chance to switch this off?

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  • Posted to Designit launches a new website and refreshed brand identity, Dec 04, 2017

    Heads up: When coming from your top Google result (without the www), I get an SSL error.

    Otherwise awesome redesign! :)

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  • Posted to Finch v1.0 – pixel pushing made easy, Nov 29, 2017

    When brogrammers come up with a tagline...

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  • Posted to The Commoditization of Creative Projects, Nov 22, 2017

    "Yadda yadda yadda, now sign up for our email newsletter."

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  • Posted to Skeuomorphic Design — A controversial UX approach that is making a comeback, Nov 21, 2017

    [Insert Eli Schiff joke here]

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