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  • Posted to Orion Icon Tool, in reply to Nicholas Richardson , Nov 08, 2017

    The service (4500+ Icons with App) is free.

    The pro plans have advanced features, extra Icons, and no attribution required license.

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  • Posted to Orion Icon Library. The Best Icon Tool., Nov 06, 2017

    Orion Icon Library is the new best place to find, organize and use beautiful, precise and unified icons for any projects. It offers access to 4500+ Free SVG icons & PNG with advanced Web App functionalities including:

    • Modify and download custom individual icons in SVG or PNG format
    • Find and save icons in collections
    • Download multiple icons in a zipped custom package in SVG or PNG format
    • Create SVG sprites with an easy HTML how to use file
    • Easily change icon colors to create monochrome or bi-color custom icon packs
    • Change on the fly the icons weight stroke, and corners to a round or straight end
    • Add personal tags to find saved and custom icons easily
    • Access Web and SVG icon code easily with inline SVG, Data URI, CSS background and image tag
    • Advanced desktop App functionalities with icon select, duplicate, copy, paste, and lock options
    • Refined icon search and filtering with style and custom tags options
    • Upload your own icons to create and store your personal icon packs
    • Easily modify your uploaded icons with the App stroke & color control

    48hs Special Discount

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  • Posted to Design System structure, Feb 17, 2017

    Could be useful to exchange thoughts with people here — Slack channel created by Jina

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  • Posted to JavaScript Libraries for SVG Animation, Mar 28, 2016

    what about GSAP and Animate Plus.

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  • Posted to SVGson: Transform svg files and strings into Object or JSON, in reply to Nicolás Joel Engler , Jan 10, 2016

    As Nicolás says, it brings you the ability to have one or more svg graphics in a javascript Object or in a JSON file to do what you want in javascript: create dynamic svg, store a folder with a bunch of svg files in only one .json file (like the selection.json of icommon ), etc.

    This tool covers only one-side of the use cases, maybe it'll be easier to understand if you see a simple loop over the Object / JSON to manage the SVGs through js.

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  • Posted to how to design this style using css, in reply to Will Almendras , Dec 29, 2015

    Just the max-width prop on <img>, changed to width. Now should be work well. Also changed to <a>nchor links .

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  • Posted to how to design this style using css, Dec 28, 2015

    Here is a fast example generated with the tool

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  • Posted to how to design this style using css, Dec 28, 2015

    give it a try to Aurora Grid or its generator

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  • Posted to Awesome Flexible CSS Grid System, in reply to Chris Coleman , Dec 26, 2015

    The syntax, basically yes. But flexbox based instead of floats. that gives some more functionalities + extra masonry style

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