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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is conversational landing pages a new trend?, in reply to Josh Camire , Mar 05, 2018

    "but on a landing page the goal should be to let that user understand as quickly as possible why they're there and what information they're trying to get." Wouldn't you say that the goal is to help the user get the information as soon as possible? Because people often already know why they go to a website (they already have a goal), and they also know what information they are looking for.

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  • Posted to Launched Icondrop : First ever a SketchApp Plugin for icons for FREE, Sep 05, 2017

    The free icons are mostly ugly, so not much awesomness imo.

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  • Posted to Will it rain?, Jul 23, 2017

    Doesnt work. At the moment it's raining and it says it's not raining and will not rain;

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  • Posted to Lunacy 2.0: Standalone Sketch Viewer for Windows, Mar 13, 2017

    Why is this product better than similar products such as Invision Inspect of Zeplin?

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