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  • Posted to Brutalist Templates, Jun 16, 2020

    What am I looking at? :) These are wordpress templates? Presentation templates? What is ?

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  • Posted to The Power of Sound, Jun 16, 2020

    Nice! You made this. Some comments and thoughts I had when going through this website:

    • Work Sans in a large size in a Light version works great!
    • Why not start the sound when launching the website? WHen reading the first three quotes I miss some sounds.
    • I have to allow the website to use my microphone? Sounds scarry
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  • Posted to Banking Personalization Platform design, Jun 16, 2020

    Mhmmm, I do mis a bit of personality in the design. The 3d illustrations are nice. And the photo at the top adds some emotion. But the rest is very black/white/grey, and does not end up exiticing me to discover more about what this banking app does precisely. Adding colors might already help, or a bit more outspoken design choices, such as typography or shape.

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  • Posted to 10 Minute Procreate Practice, Jun 16, 2020

    Very nice! i can tell you already had some drawing experience :) but great you can do this quickly in Procreate.

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  • Posted to Product Designer Portfolio (Feedback), Jun 16, 2020

    Well this looks pretty nice. Very nice animations and it works pretty quick here.

    Not sure who your audience is: fellow designers or actual clients in grey suits?

    In the latter case there might be some usability issues. A back to home button in the top right is a bit unusual, but not a showstopper since I can also click the back arrow.

    I'm not sure about the font combination though: Two very outspoken typefaces, just feels like they don't really match visually.

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  • Posted to Come and join my silly Design Jam, Mar 17, 2020

    I recommend adding some info to the site. For example ownership of the design, can you run of with our design and sell it to the client. Also why not raise the price based on the number of submissions? and then subtract the amount you need for site maintance. 3 dollar upload for a 30 dollar price is a bit much. Nice concept though, good for practice.

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  • Posted to What is the tool to create an interactive style guide?, Mar 10, 2020

    Perhaps Zeroheights? But as in Zeplin you need to upload different states separately.

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  • Posted to [Feature Request] Polls?, in reply to Jim Silverman , Feb 12, 2020

    Why not?

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  • Posted to UI vs UX finally explained!, in reply to Stuart McCoy , May 06, 2019

    Indeed, did not read the link :) Forget what i said :P

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  • Posted to UI vs UX finally explained!, Apr 25, 2019

    Are we still talking about this topic? :O 10 years ago this was a discussion, it still is, and probably will never end :)

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