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  • Posted to Introversion and Your Career, Oct 10, 2017

    Last time I did this test I've got INFP or so. The definition fit me quite well back then, nowadays I believe I would lean towards more extroversion and less introversion.

    After my first internship some guys way worse than me got their job offers but I didn't. The explanation was that I'm not a team player.

    This struck me quite hard and even after 4 years working as a front end developer, multiple awards on international level I'm still asking myself if i'm really a team player? Similar thoughts go hand in hand with imposters syndrome.

    I've been freelancing for the last couple of years. I don't think it's because of my lack of team spirit or introversion but I really like the freedom to choose the projects and the clients that I want to work with. And I like setting up the way I work.

    I try to avoid handing out my phone number for clients. Phone calls are stressful and counterproductive. If it's possible i'd rather have an email discussion than a real one.

    Especially when I have to argue or stand my ground on some features. It's much easier to write it down than trying to explain it verbally. When it gets intense I start forgetting the words, mistaking them, interchanging them and so on. I also lose my marbles quite quickly.

    I consider my introversion a problem that I have to work on and i'm constantly trying to push myself into uncomfortable/weird situations. Not especially work related. I believe the more awkward and strange social situations I encounter, the better I deal with them.

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  • Posted to Show DN: WebVR Showroom, Jun 30, 2017

    How long did it take to make and how many people worked on this?

    Do you need a 3d designer to create separate object models that you can import and render?

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  • Posted to Is it OK to use an existing design system for your own website?, Jun 09, 2017

    Design systems are intended to make building huge products easier.

    A personal portfolio/website/blog isn't a massive product with 10 teams working on it at the same time.

    And it's your personal thing. Make it look personal.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Amanda Shearon, Jun 05, 2017



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  • Posted to Site Design: Canlis, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Jun 03, 2017

    What do you mean? Too basic?

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  • Posted to If you’re reading this, you probably don’t do hard work, Jun 03, 2017

    Huh, good old comparison of physical and mental labour?

    Work smart, not hard.

    And how we define hard?

    Is picking a lettuce hard? Is writing a machine learning algorithm hard? Which one creates more value?

    Oh and it doesn't take at least 4 years of studying to become a junior lettuce picker.

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  • Posted to Recommendations for a confused web developer making the transition from Photoshop to Sketch, Jan 07, 2017

    I might sound blunt, but well, all you need to know is just a couple of actions:

    1. Select item/layer
    2. Copy css attributes (use wisely)
    3. Pressing alt and hovering any other than selected element would show the distance between those two objects. I especially love this one, so good.

    Oh and i personally hate Zeplin. It's a tool for developers working on windows. I prefer sketch files instead.

    Last time i used zeplin, it felt terrible and I was having trouble doing basic actions / exporting assets.

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  • Posted to Awwwards 2016 Nominees, in reply to Sacha Greif , Jan 07, 2017

    Just guessing but i think that those freelancers are in the list because their personal websites/portfolios have won SOTD in 2016. I see many great names there.

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  • Posted to How bulletproof is your freelance business?, in reply to Ashley Baxter , Dec 15, 2016

    What about insurance for working equipment?

    I always thought that if my mac got broken or lost, i wouldn't have cash to afford a new one and would probably have to find a full time job.

    This scary idea didn't inspire me to save some cash anyway.

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  • Posted to Should a Programmer Learn to Design?, Dec 13, 2016

    I'm not sure if programmer equals front end developer in this case but if so - absolutely. It's crucial for people working with UI to know at least the basics of design. After all front end developer is the link where picture becomes a working interface.

    I've been working as a front end developer for roughly 4 years, i was always more interested in design than in development.

    And it pays off!

    Sometimes designers design only desktop version and i'm left to improvise how it should look in mobile. Knowing UX patterns, composition basics, having read some theory books on user experience, interaction and cognitive science helps me to continue building the stuff without bugging the designer.

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