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  • Posted to Recommendations for a confused web developer making the transition from Photoshop to Sketch, Jan 07, 2017

    I might sound blunt, but well, all you need to know is just a couple of actions:

    1. Select item/layer
    2. Copy css attributes (use wisely)
    3. Pressing alt and hovering any other than selected element would show the distance between those two objects. I especially love this one, so good.

    Oh and i personally hate Zeplin. It's a tool for developers working on windows. I prefer sketch files instead.

    Last time i used zeplin, it felt terrible and I was having trouble doing basic actions / exporting assets.

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  • Posted to Awwwards 2016 Nominees, in reply to Sacha Greif , Jan 07, 2017

    Just guessing but i think that those freelancers are in the list because their personal websites/portfolios have won SOTD in 2016. I see many great names there.

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  • Posted to How bulletproof is your freelance business?, in reply to Ashley Baxter , Dec 15, 2016

    What about insurance for working equipment?

    I always thought that if my mac got broken or lost, i wouldn't have cash to afford a new one and would probably have to find a full time job.

    This scary idea didn't inspire me to save some cash anyway.

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  • Posted to Should a Programmer Learn to Design?, Dec 13, 2016

    I'm not sure if programmer equals front end developer in this case but if so - absolutely. It's crucial for people working with UI to know at least the basics of design. After all front end developer is the link where picture becomes a working interface.

    I've been working as a front end developer for roughly 4 years, i was always more interested in design than in development.

    And it pays off!

    Sometimes designers design only desktop version and i'm left to improvise how it should look in mobile. Knowing UX patterns, composition basics, having read some theory books on user experience, interaction and cognitive science helps me to continue building the stuff without bugging the designer.

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  • Posted to Kap — Capture your screen, in reply to Victor Mustar , Dec 13, 2016

    Option to hide the cursor! Yay! I've been looking for simple recorders with this option and only found ugly and shady stuff on app store.

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  • Posted to Quit job and start freelancing ?, Dec 08, 2016

    The fact that you make a clear distinction between job and freelance suggests me that you haven't tried freelancing.

    And if i'm correct and you've never freelanced before, if you've got no client base or recognition, i'd suggest starting the freelance stuff while having a full time job. That's what I did. I'd freelance during weekends and past my full time job.

    Eventually i quit my full time job because my freelance stuff was way more interesting and I just couldn't wait to get home. :)

    You should always have a portfolio and linkedin, always explore your opportunities - either you're freelancing or not. Just don't fall into HR traps, they're evil.

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  • Posted to This isn't my job is not an answer, in reply to Wil Nichols , Nov 07, 2015

    Thanks for the reply, you are so right. I already have been in situations where this attitude leads to nothing but time and money drain.

    But I believe in a bright side of it - I personally don't want to bury my head in the sand and write plain html/css/javascript with clear specifications given to me. I don't even have a clear vision of what i want to do in the future but it's definitely a UI/UX related field - that's why i think that multiple cases likes this one are good.

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  • Posted to This isn't my job is not an answer, in reply to Ian Goode , Nov 07, 2015

    Nah, this time it was an exception. I just promised to finish and deliver without realising the scope and ended up working at night. Lazy workaholic i am.

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  • Posted to How do you keep yourself motivated?, Aug 18, 2015

    I'd like to thank you all for your comments! I actually wasn't expecting such a broad input you've made here.

    Speaking about fields - i don't think this area isn't for me. I love working with UI and UX, i love working with digital design, with all these beautiful pixels. It's not just my full time job but also my interest and a hobby. I do freelance a lot and overall, i might be overworking, maybe that's why i feel so.

    On the other hand learning something new, tutorials, new frameworks, etc, makes me really excited about it and kinda makes me feel alive again. Probably that might also be the key - to spend at least some time on studying something new.

    Loved the @Brad T comment about the Stoic practice - will definitely dig more into that.

    Again, thank you all for you input.

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