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  • Posted to GT America - A Beautiful Website for a Beautiful Font , in reply to Gen Uine , Oct 21, 2016

    Not sure, but I think that's so they can use HTML5 to play them as animations with smoother loading/implementation. Pretty cool!

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  • Posted to We Own You, Jan 14, 2016

    My thoughts exactly. Solid read.

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  • Posted to We Fucked Up, Oct 08, 2015

    Are all of you people serious with this outlandish backlash? As the owner of an apparel company I'd like to point out something: TO MY UNDERSTANDING, the shirts are printed on the American Apparel 2001 Crewneck T-Shirt. This particular shirt is known to boast a tapered European fit, meaning the sleeves are shorter than, say, a basic Hanes tee you might find at the craft store. They are also tighter around the bicep. The torso of the tee tapers down from the armpits to the waist to contour, somewhat, to the body. This creates what is known as a "unisex" cut. It is truly unisex because it's not super-boxy like basic men's tees, but it doesn't have the extra-short sleeves of women's tees.

    I myself have printed on this exact shirt in years prior in an attempt to afford a broad range of sizes for both genders. If I hadn't done that, I'd have to order less varied sizes, and I'm a fat dude that can barely fit in an XL, so that wasn't something that would work for me of the brand. Would you rather discriminate against fat people instead of female people because that scenario doesn't directly pertain to you? I hope not.

    Female friends of mine have not only worn these shirts confidently, but actually MODELED in them and garnered more attention to the brand than anything else. So save your complaints for a worthy cause, because DN is a beautiful place that hasn't wronged any of us, ESPECIALLY in this situation over a stupid unisex vs. men's t-shirt debacle. They not even a shirt company. And you're not an activist if you're berating others in the comment section of a forum; you're more like a raincloud. Go away.

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  • Posted to Any fellow NJ based designers?, Sep 01, 2015

    Hello! I'm from central NJ, Ocean County to be exact. Working in Monmouth County.

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  • Posted to DN Feedback Button - The Friendly Face in the Corner, Jul 10, 2015

    You guys should go ahead and click the feedback button, THEN leave feedback. Ironically even if it's regarding the button. Just sayin' :D

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  • Posted to Yeezy Display, Jul 07, 2015

    Was really enjoying DN being the only place left on the internet that didn't feel the need to bring up Kanye...

    That aside, not a bad concept.

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  • Posted to Solution for Designed Restaurant Menus & In-House Daily Updates?, in reply to Tristam Goch , Jun 24, 2015

    Hey Tristam, now that's the shit I'm talking about! That could be so beneficial, so have the whole layout and styling dependent on code and not graphics, as well as browser-based and not program/application based. Great idea. We are certainly technical. May have to put this in motion. Thank you!

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  • Posted to Solution for Designed Restaurant Menus & In-House Daily Updates?, in reply to Ian Clarke , Jun 24, 2015

    Hey Ian, that could be. I will have to try it out tomorrow. The things we hate about PowerPoint are one, the fact you can't lock objects to render them as read-only, and the fact that you can't prevent a text box from being moved around on the page. Give the chefs and managers a week and it'll be unclear whether a designer ever touched it, haha. Thanks for the feedback!

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  • Posted to Quick Survey: The Future of Designer News, in reply to Catalin Cimpanu , May 22, 2015

    What about a content filter option? It could auto-group topics that could maybe be chosen when forming a post, and display them in a filter panel, and work like AJAX does so the page doesn't even refresh as it shows/hides posts that YOU actually want to see, this way you don't even lose your scroll position on the page. Content for you, and different content for the other commenters with opposing views, on demand at everyone's fingertips when they want it.

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  • Posted to What do you think about the new youtube player?, Apr 15, 2015

    All for it!

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