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  • Posted to Designing for Android - Wildcard, Jan 13, 2016

    We spent the last few months working on Wildcard for Android. I dove into the depths of Material Design and worked closely with our newly minted Android developer, in house, to bring Wildcard to the Android platform.

    I must say I was super impressed with the design documentation and guidance that Google provides, hat tip to that team! It made designing for Android a breeze and a lot of fun.

    Checkout our app now on Android if you're so inclined/not an iOS user.

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  • Posted to Pixate is dead, unofficially., Dec 06, 2015

    From my perspective, interactive prototyping products have created an entirely category of tools. A category that has only recently been made available to designers. That said, while it is sometimes frustrating that we must learn a new tool—I must have played with over ten—I think it's a fairly exciting time to be working as a designer.

    I would add that the developers and designers behind tools like Pixate, and the countless others, are designing for some incredibly tough technical and user experience challenges.

    What I am trying to say is that no tool I have seen out there today has become as ubiquitous as say, Photoshop or Sketch. We likely are to see many new tools and many updates and changes to our favorites. While a product like Pixate might shine brighter than most, it doesn't solve all of my problems. I'd imagine that the transition for them has been tough, but I wouldn't say they are dead just yet. In all of the conversations I've had with the team they have always been genuine and honest, I can only hope that that is still the case.

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  • Posted to Android beta program - Wildcard, Nov 30, 2015

    Hey y'all. We are looking for Android users to help beta test Wildcard—we are currently iOS only now. If you're interested in helping test, send feedback, submit bugs and all of that great stuff please sign up!

    Feel free to send me any questions or comments directly, either here, or on Twitter (@stephenmeszaros). Thanks in advance for any sign ups!

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  • Posted to Principle vs Flinto for Mac, Aug 26, 2015

    Great experiment, I haven't had a chance to dig into Flinto myself just yet. But after playing with Principle a bit I drew the same conclusion almost immediately. What I love about Principle is how native it feels, it feels fast—which is awesome!

    I'm a big fan of Pixate, simply because I've used it the most though I do wish at times the UI was a bit more native feeling to the Mac OS.

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  • Posted to Wildcard - Know the Day , in reply to Pablo Robles , Aug 20, 2015

    Thank you Pablo!!

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  • Posted to Wildcard - Know the Day , in reply to Mike Brand , Aug 20, 2015

    Thanks Mike, much appreciated! Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Posted to Wildcard - Know the Day , in reply to Al Haigh , Aug 20, 2015

    Thanks Al! Hope you're enjoying it.

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  • Posted to Wildcard - Know the Day , in reply to Allen Wang , Aug 20, 2015

    Hi Allen. All of the animations were done from scratch in code—just the way our engineers preferred it. We spent some time working on the translation of Origami/Pixate to Xcode to make for a clear line of communication from design-to-engineering. Hope that helps answer your question.

    To expand however, I'd say that as a team we worked hard to make sure that our designs were shipped very close to spec. There is much to be done to clean up many of the animations, to be sure, however communicating regularly with our engineering partners was paramount.

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  • Posted to Wildcard - Know the Day , in reply to Marcel Wichmann , Aug 12, 2015

    Hey Marcel, I apologize. To be honest we are not in the German App Store due to some content issues that we are working through. I'll be sure to let you know when we are live. For what it's worth, we are also not in the App Store's for Spain and Belgium—for the same reasons.

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