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  • Posted to Star Wars: Battle of Jakku Trailer, missalignment on the credits @ 0:26, in reply to Kasparas Siudika , Nov 03, 2015

    Doesn't it line up overall though? Just did a finger measurement but it looks centred. But you're right, must be a better way to display that subtitle.

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  • Posted to 24 inch vs 27 inch External Display, Mar 19, 2014

    Resolution on the 24 just isn't good enough really, especially if you're coming from a decent laptop display. If you're stuck, always consider picking one up second hand. I picked up a nice 30" Dell 3007 a couple of months back second hand and its served me really well. Here it is with my work laptop (I switch between that and a Mac Air) workspace

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  • Posted to Doge2048, Mar 18, 2014

    I am far better at this version than the real numbered version. I wonder is it something to do with being better able to match picture patterns than numbers...

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