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  • Posted to May 6: Netflix + InVision are having a Happy Hour in New York, Apr 28, 2016

    Looking forward to the event! But just a heads up, the email copy needs to be updated. I got this in my confirmation email, "Thanks for RSVP'ing to Design on the Rocks: Netflix + Pinterest at Churchill on Thursday, March 31st. Don't forget to add it to your calendar and share the invite with other bay area designers!"

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  • Posted to Site Design: Product Hunt 2.0, in reply to Jan Semler , Nov 13, 2015

    Agreed. I'm a fan of the first version too—it's simple and easy to digest.

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  • Posted to Interviewing for my first UI/UX job this friday. What can I expect?, Nov 03, 2015

    Be prepared to talk about your work. Interviewers are interested in seeing how your brain works—process is important to them. Make sure to know for each project that you're presenting the problems you faced and how you solved them.

    If you have real world sites, make sure they're actually up because the interviewer might pull them up on an ipad/laptop. I can guarantee that they'll probably ask you what your favorite sites/apps are. Have a short list prepared and the reasons why you like them.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Bloomberg Business, Jan 28, 2015

    What happened? It looks like buzzfeed, urban outfitters, and 1998 took over their site.

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  • Posted to Getting the ball rolling with freelance work, in reply to C___ F_____ , Jan 07, 2015

    I've worked specifically with tech startups for the last two years in New York. And I promise you, at least here in NYC, a majority of startups here have money—either from outside investors, or personal funding. I've met many founders who are ex-stock brokers, ex-lawyers, or ivy league MBA grads. You don't have to work for free.

    The key is to be very clear and confident in your skills and your worth. Startup founders will ask how you work and your costs—be upfront and don't charge too low. And don't get discouraged when you get turned down, or people don't respond. I've found out that out of every 10 people I talk to, only about 2-3 of those conversations convert to actual business.

    The hardest part about freelancing is starting. And the biggest hurdle to get over is others knowing your freelancing. Don't be afraid to just tweet, facebook post, email, or yell that you're now freelancing. Even if it doesn't bring you work right now everyone will keep you in mind when something does come up.

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  • Posted to Any news from Skala?, Oct 14, 2014

    Yeah, I think so too. Skala is buggy for me now with iOS8 and it mentions that it was last updated Nov 21, 2013 in the app store.

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  • Posted to How to create interactive prototypes with Apple Keynote, Jul 22, 2014

    Yes, this can be quick to prototype, but probably not ideal for testing on an actual iphone/ipad.

    One of the things they don't mention in their tutorial, or even on Apple's recent WWDC prototyping videos is that Keynote's iphone app doesn't work in portrait mode. In the past I've had to create two separate prototypes, one in portrait view and one in landscape (so that I could use it on my phone).

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Is "I don't like the color" legitimate usability feedback?, Jul 22, 2014

    I believe it could be a legitimate concern, especially if a large number of your audience mentioned it. Did you also try to dive deeper and ask why?

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  • Posted to Ex-Disney Animator's Latest Project—Great example of animation principles., Jul 21, 2014

    That was wonderful. Great example of how powerful something could be when focused and with minimal elements.

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