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  • Posted to Ask DN — Your Android Setup?, in reply to Gabe Will , Jul 27, 2016

    Thanks for the Plaid shout out! Would love to hear any feedback.

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  • Posted to Google's course on Material Design is now live, in reply to Bart Claeys , Sep 04, 2015

    Hi Nick here, one of the course instructors. While the course is targeted at developers, there's a lot in there for designers wanting to gain a better understanding of Android. We also cover the material design principles and provide lots of examples of them in practice. The first lesson in particular is a crash course in how Android UIs are made, so if you want to understand how to design for a bunch of different screen sizes/densities then this might help.

    Designers may want to skip some of the design principle sections (we cover gestalt principles, typography etc) or some of the code. I'm a huge fan of designers+developers working closely together & think that a shared vocabulary can really help.

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